Owning A WEB3 Blog Via Hive – It’s A Business!

It’s A Crazy Thought

If you have ever built a legacy business from scratch, you will understand just how demanding it can be. This is something that I have personally experienced and can testify to just how challenging a task it truly is. It requires a lot more perseverance and dedication than you may think. Apart from the traditional challenges are the traditional expenses:

  • Rent
  • Staffing
  • General overheads

Simply buying a business that is already established and operational is a different story. Your customer base and cash flow are already in place.

However, starting from scratch can be rather daunting, as so much needs to be established, prior to generating any profits. For me, business ownership was a four-year period of my life. Honestly, I cannot imagine being “tied up” in a legacy business nowadays. The challenges have since increased, and existing challenges have just become all the more difficult to overcome.

With this in mind, Hive sounds like a dream. Consider, starting a business with zero initial investment capital and no overheads. It sounds crazy! How is this even possible, especially within the current economy?

Shapes & Sizes

Firstly, one has to understand that many business owners are small-business owners. This is the category of business that one can expect to build on Hive, at least for now. Hive truly does have the potential of providing a business-like opportunity. However, it is unlike other opportunities. It’s more of a growth-based idea and can become a small business for those who respect and treat it as such.

It is also more performance-based than a traditional business, as a corner store will always pick up foot traffic. Become idle on Hive, and everything grinds to a halt. Absolutely anything can become a business, and where monetization is inherent, you already have the foundation in place. Hive is essentially an economy! Monetization and financial products via DeFi are what make up this economy. Economies revolve around businesses.

I wonder what would happen if every Hive account owner began viewing their account as their own small business. Many blogs and social media accounts lie dormant for days and even weeks. With a business-orientated mindset, this would not be the case. Such a mindset would work in harmony with the Hive economic model, ultimately creating expansion.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

This is not to say that every Hive account holder needs to “build a business”. On the contrary, that is the beauty of Hive, the freedom to manage your account as you so choose. What I am however saying is, imagine the effect, if it were the case. Spend enough time on Hive and the various tribes and you will begin to see how many Hivers actually share this viewpoint.

These Hivers stick out! They are consistent, and engaging, and produce endless streams of quality content. These are your business-minded Hivers. Whether they be on Hive, or anywhere else for that matter, this is how they operate. They quite simply, cannot do it any other way, it’s built-in. Someone with an entrepreneurial edge is unable to resist the “call to action”.

The projects and platforms we use every day are created by such individuals, including Hive. An entrepreneurial drive can only be satisfied by being active and productive. Not everyone is a coder or developer, and this is why many look to Hive. They can utilize their skills and knowledge and begin building in their own unique way.

Benefits Of Building On Hive

There are numerous ways one can go about setting up a blog. However, many of these options will cost you approximately $400 per year. Making use of free blogging platforms such as Blogger is not really ideal. Generally, these blogs are not taken very seriously and are often associated with “spammy” content. Building on Hive has many perks and benefits that you won’t get anywhere else.

  • Creating a Hive account is free (Ecency)
  • The content is censorship resistant
  • Traffic exists within the ecosystem
  • The account is privately owned & controlled
  • Surrounded by like-minded individuals
  • Numerous different tribes & communities
  • Built-in monetization

These are just a few of the key benefits that make building on Hive such a good move. It’s definitely the best WEB3 opportunity that I have personally come across and continues to develop and improve.

Find Your Niche

With so many tribes and communities, Hive has a way of accommodating anyone and everyone. I have been encouraged to see how many have consistently contributed to this blockchain and are the very reason it is what it is today. Even though these are still early days, the Hive ecosystem has already accomplished a lot and continues to do so. My philosophy is, “do more of what works and less of what doesn’t”.

Whether you are an occasional writer, or someone looking to build your own small business on Hive, it’s time to do more. Why? Quite simply because it works…

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