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Future Trends – All Eyes On 2025

Eyes Fixed When looking into the future and preparing for an upcoming bull market, one needs to try and figure out what the narrative will be. Sure, there may be a few key sectors that manage to gain some serious traction. Looking back at… Continue Reading “Future Trends – All Eyes On 2025”

Fair Launch Cryptocurrencies – The Dark Horse Niche Of 2025?

Something Special This is something I have been chipping away at for some time now. I truly believe that certain projects within this particular niche are going to perform extremely well in the future. When exactly that will be, I cannot say. However, there… Continue Reading “Fair Launch Cryptocurrencies – The Dark Horse Niche Of 2025?”

Crypto – Well-Positioned To Dominate The Decade

It’s All Coming Together The idea of regulation and “slam dunks” from the SEC is not a very attractive idea, to say the least. However, it is still part and parcel of what needs to transpire in order for Crypto to “dominate the decade”.… Continue Reading “Crypto – Well-Positioned To Dominate The Decade”

Ravencoin – Digital Asset Creation On A Unique Blockchain

Unique? Ravencoin is a fork of Bitcoin, making it rather “useless” and unattractive to many investors who have not taken the time to dig a little deeper. Yes, most Bitcoin forks are absolute junk with absolutely no use case or trading volume. Many were… Continue Reading “Ravencoin – Digital Asset Creation On A Unique Blockchain”