In Search Of Beaten Down Gems

It’s Getting Closer

Although I don’t believe that the bottom is already in, I do however believe that we are getting close! With this in mind, it makes sense then to begin scouting out potential future investments. Even though I am likely to still hold off a while before actually making any moves, I want to begin looking for potential altcoin investments that have been unfairly punished over the past few months. Exchange tokens, in particular, have taken a heavy knock. As mentioned in a recent post, identifying the “right” exchange tokens could turn out to be incredibly beneficial. On the other hand, it is also very likely that many will completely collapse. This particular niche will require quite a bit of digging and research.

The Haze Is Lifting

As the bear market marches on, the state of the market is becoming a lot more transparent. Although there is still much to digest and even play out, the haze is beginning to lift, offering a little more clarity than before. Waiting too long can be a costly mistake, which is why I am beginning to conduct research on a number of projects that have taken a serious beating over the past three to six months. Many of my previous altcoin picks that performed a 300x or more in the recent bull market were acquired in the aftermath of the previous bear market.

Many of these coins and tokens were accumulated during 2018 and 2019. The window of opportunity is largely dependent on the particular project, niche, as well as in-house developments, and outcomes. There is no specific time period. However, the early bird gets the worm, which is why you shouldn’t wait too long if you are anticipating a move.

A Final Flush

This is why a final flush would be key in flushing out the final few who are destined to collapse anyway. A solid move down has the ability to speed up the inevitable. A bottom at this stage of the game is likely to be revisited at a later stage. This raises doubts as to whether the bottom that is established within the coming months could be more of a local bottom, rather than a cycle bottom. There is a lot of global uncertainty that hinders the typical mindset of, ” we bottomed, it’s up from here”. This needs to be remembered when gathering information and data in relation to beaten-down altcoins and potential investments.

This is exactly why I am choosing to gather data while simultaneously remaining cautious. I have put a few buy orders a lot lower than current levels for certain alts, in the event of another cascading crisis. Once my analysis is complete, I can readjust and position myself accordingly.

A Plan Is Not A Strategy

If you want to see results you have to have actions set in place for certain price levels, outcomes, and events. Many planned to sell the top in 2021 but few did because a plan is not a strategy. There was no clear exit point mapped out according to price or timeframe. As always, these are my thoughts and approaches to the market and should not be considered investment advice in any way. Happy altcoin hunting!

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