Routine – The Mother Of Consistency

Disciplined Structure

Doing something when it is convenient is one sure way of choosing not to get much done. When is anything really convenient? This is generally how many choose to approach life outside of the strict requirements placed on them by their employer. This is also why many are actually incapable of becoming entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are self-motivated and structured. Remove the structure imposed on a workforce by an employer and nothing much will get done. Yes, this is exactly why many “talented” people fail. They are unable to structure their time and ultimately experience failure due to never really accomplishing anything of significance.

Another word for “disciplined structure” is “routine”. Some consider routine a bore, while others are drawn to and find comfort in routine. Look at any efficient individual and you are likely to find that they have a very specific and detailed routine. Outside of elements beyond their control, they never deviate from or abandon their routine.

Routine simultaneously produces consistency… another Very important ingredient to success in any arena. Imagine if a top-notch restaurant produced amazing food one night, and mediocre food another. That definitely wouldn’t attract discerning diners. It’s consistency that ultimately secures customers and a good name. The same is true of any industry or business.

Routine & Time Management

A good routine will incorporate efficient time management. Ensuring that certain tasks are carried out or completed by a certain time is very much a part of a routine. It’s not just that you do certain tasks every day, but that you do them at the same time each day. This is routine, it’s like clockwork, it happens every day without fail.

Now, one can always add to a routine, provided the core agenda has been accomplished and there is time. Scheduling a core routine is imperative if you wish to establish a habit of consistency. One thing that you will always note when investigating the life of an athlete is a tight and busy daily routine. It’s the only way they are able to excel. Limits are pushed in more ways than one.


We don’t simply become effective or consistent, we approximate towards it. Over time, our ability and capacity increase. We slowly become more and more efficient, as we continue to apply ourselves to a daily routine. Amazing athletes are not born overnight… they approximate towards excellence over time, and it’s a daily routine that enables approximation.

Begin with manageable expectations, and over time you can increase the expectations you set for yourself. Once your level of consistency has become manageable, and even effortless, you can up your daily routine. This is the road that leads to unbelievable consistency.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to be consistent. However, outside of a routine, it is highly unlikely that many will experience it in their lives. A routine places a demand, and subsequently ensures action, which is essential in becoming consistent. Consistency is merely a “trusted expectation” of your actions, which would indicate that ensuring “action” secures consistency.

As I said, begin with small bite sizes. Don’t try and run a marathon on your first day. Enjoy the journey and all the best in your endeavor of securing a level of consistency and excellence over time!

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