Productivity-Based Goals VS Reward-Based Goals

Goals Are Imperative To Success

Without goals, there is no measurable success. Goals not only encourage productivity but also ensure it. Having a set of daily goals helps you secure and ensure your productivity for the day. I find that daily goals become even more powerful when aligned with time. Knowing that you have to complete a specific task by a certain time enables you to predict and plan how productive you are going to be for the day. This is of vital importance, especially if you are wanting to experience meaningful results. Being too casual regarding your schedule is actually just another way to reduce productivity. Even if you are doing what you love, having goals is an absolute necessity.

Common Goals

I find that many people in the Crypto space set goals. However, I also notice that these goals are often earning-related. In other words, looking to earn a certain amount per day, or powering up a certain amount of HIVE. These are great goals to have but sometimes earnings don’t necessarily meet expectations. On the other hand, sometimes they may even overshoot. I find the most productive goals are exactly that, productivity-based goals. As a trader, you may aim to go through all your charts by 11 am, and as a content creator, you may look to create two blog articles per day. Whatever the desired goal, a productivity-based goal not only ensures a success rate but also guarantees productivity. An isolated earning-based goal doesn’t really have a measurable chance of being reached without “productivity”.

A Personal Choice

I find that setting up performance-based goals secures a better success rate in terms of performance and earnings. For some, this idea can be difficult, as they may choose to write an article once every three days or so. Placing a demand on oneself can be highly productive but it can also be somewhat annoying to certain personality types. I guess one has to set goals according to one’s own person. However, if you don’t place yourself under any pressure, you are unlikely to experience success. Consistency is another vital ingredient in the recipe for success and achievement.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to set productivity-based goals or reward-based goals, it is vitally important to have some sort of target in place. Marrying the two approaches can also be quite a good idea, and provides an ongoing incentive to remain active and committed.

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