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Essentials To Crypto Trading

A Sleepless Market Unlike any other market, Crypto trades 24/7 and is an amazing market to trade due to its inherent volatility. The forex markets are open 24 hours a day but are closed over weekends, which unfortunately doesn’t help much. I remember when… Continue Reading “Essentials To Crypto Trading”

Retrospection – The Banking Crisis & The Power Of Antifragility

Prediction Coming To Pass During the course of 2022, I spoke about what I saw unfolding in 2023. One of the recurring themes was a failure within the traditional banking sector. Currently, we are only in the third month of 2023 and it has… Continue Reading “Retrospection – The Banking Crisis & The Power Of Antifragility”

Destroying The Bias

So Very Important When bear markets arrive, market participants generally tend to behave exactly as they did during the bull market. In other words, they continue to buy. The narrative changes somewhat, as now a “buy” is considered a bargain. However, it’s simply a… Continue Reading “Destroying The Bias”

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