Blockchains That Empower – The Future Of Wealth Creation & The Eradication Of Poverty

An Enormous Accomplishment

Recently I came across an article written by @arcange in which he details his journey of acquiring whale status on the Hive blockchain. Those unfamiliar with Hive will perhaps not be able to appreciate the magnitude of this accomplishment. However, it is rather admirable, to say the least. That being said, there are many others who too have managed to nurture and grow their Hive accounts over the years through perseverance and consistency.

The most interesting aspect of these journeys is that for many of them, this achievement was attained without an initial capital investment. How does this work? Well, Hive is a blockchain designed to empower and reward. A “place” where valuable contributions and dedication are rewarded by the blockchain via the stakeholders. In essence, a valuable contribution carries inherent value, and so ultimately unlocks rewards from the pool.

Hive is a great example of the potential that exists within blockchain “ideas” and the ecosystems that can subsequently be created as a direct result of their existence. Take a moment to consider how many people are creating a level of wealth on Hive, and in many other instances as well, avoiding the harsh realities of poverty. When you consider that numerous countries around the world are literally unable to address poverty, it’s even more impressive.

The Reality Of The Age

For many years, citizens have looked to their governments for answers. In an age when governments throughout the world are failing, and not just failing, but failing miserably, a model of independence is rising as a viable solution. Isn’t it ironic, simultaneously, globalists are promoting dependence that offers very few freedoms and security? It’s not really rocket science as to where allegiances will lie.

However, there is the issue of awareness. Not many people know and understand enough about these opportunities, in order to harness the power and independence that they provide. People who understand Crypto and are entrepreneurial by nature are generally oblivious to how ignorant the average person is. For instance, every day that an employee works for a boss he simultaneously strengthens and solidifies his mindset of dependence.

For many in this situation, they are unable to envision an income without a job… a boss. The mind is unable to process this reality. Obviously, as Crypto adoption increases, and with it the tremendous opportunities for independence, the unthinkable becomes a possibility. The mind has been conditioned a certain way by the previous expectations of society, and now needs to be reconditioned.

With every revolution or significant technological advancement comes the hurdle of overcoming an existing mindset (way of doing things) in order to adopt a better way. It’s a process and is likely to be accelerated by the failings within government, banking, and other sectors of the current economic construct. Change is here, and for the first time, is offering independence. The beauty of blockchain is yet to be realized and experienced.

Final Thoughts

The constant attack on Crypto, its credibility, and its value is an attempt to taint this beauty. An attempt, to once again, solidify the mindset of dependence. The reality is that we don’t actually need banks. A bank simply enters an interaction/transaction as a disruption. I can transfer value to you from anywhere. However, a bank simply breaks our “connection” and then insists on payment in order to re-establish the connection.

There is no issue, an issue is simply created in order to profit. It’s a concept much like a school bully. As a student, you are free to walk down the school hall to your next class. However, a bully and his buddies block the way and insist that you give him your lunch in order to pass. Essentially, the hall offers freedom of movement. However, certain individuals find a way to “capitalize” on the freedoms of others.

Isn’t it ironic how banks are failing due to the fact that they are very much over-leveraged and are unable to withstand a bank run? This is evidence of a Ponzi-like business model. Fractional reserve is simply another way of saying, Ponzi. Essentially lending out more than what is legitimately brought in. Looking at the recent price action of Bitcoin tells a telling tale.

That which was labeled a Ponzi (Bitcoin) was the asset that investors chose to run to. Furthermore, that which was labeled as safe and secure (banks) collapsed under conditions that a reputable and sound business model have been resilient against. It’s time for the masses to wake up. See you next time!

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