Cryptocurrency – Preserving Freedoms & Building An Alternative World

A Sensitive World

I recently heard of an incident where a restaurant manager suddenly found himself without a job for simply stating that the monkeys that frequented the restaurant he managed were part of the family. Obviously, this restaurant is in a natural location with a fair amount of wildlife in the area. A customer chose to form the opinion that the reference was aimed at them. Oh how very sad, talk about an inferiority complex.

Anyway, as expected, the restaurant fired the manager for fear of any “related consequences”. This is the type of nonsense that dedicated professionals simply have no time for. How can anyone confidently build a career in such a sensitive and irrational world? This is currently taking place throughout the working world and is by no means an isolated event.

I am sure everyone reading this article has experienced, or is at least aware of a similar story. Is it any wonder that citizens across the globe are moving toward models of independence? Models that promote basic freedoms and a healthy level of independence. Crypto, and decentralization, in particular, is the perfect niche to begin carving out an independent career.

I have always had a firm belief that this would become the way of the future. As far back as 2008, I realized that an online alternative was eventually going to become first prize. When Bitcoin hit the scene, it led to a whole new world of altcoins and decentralized ecosystems. The opportunities that now exist within the Crypto space are providing new and exciting alternative income models. With every bull market comes a new narrative, loaded with new possibilities and opportunities.

This Is Crypto

Even though much of the initial motivation and inspiration behind Bitcoin has been lost over the years, there is still the promise of certain benefits and liberties. Some of these benefits include:

  • Freedom from a toxic working environment
  • Not being bound to any geographical location
  • A stronger level of job security
  • Continued income during crisis (covid lockdowns) periods
  • No income ceiling
  • Positioned early in preparation for the future

There are just so many reasons that make working within the Crypto space so rewarding. However, being free of a boss doesn’t necessarily work in everyone’s favor. There are those who simply cannot be productive outside of someone placing demands on them. Sadly, any entrepreneurial endeavor won’t be a wise move for such a person.

I think one of the most amazing benefits of Crypto is being exposed to an asset class that still has tremendous upside, in terms of price appreciation. I have seen how certain holdings over time can literally become life-changing. Certain altcoins can literally provide investors with unparalleled freedom: Retirement! It’s an exciting space, the possibilities are endless, and often unknown.

Yes, there are moments of deep darkness. Bear markets come and go, as do other swan events, such as the China mining ban in 2021. However, determination and passion carry dedicated participants into new seasons of abundance. You have to pass through the valleys if you want to stand on the mountain tops.

Final Thoughts

For those who approach this opportunity from a point of preparation and wisdom, it can become something of significance in time. Like any other path, it requires time, dedication, and a lot of hard work. However, much of this is on your own terms, and in your own time.

This makes all the difference. It’s a constant encouragement to keep chipping away, as the rewards truly are unparalleled. That’s it for this one. See you next time!

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