There Are No Ceilings In Crypto

The Trade

Most people begin their working life with the preprogrammed approach of exchanging the best years of their life for money. In most cases, it’s not really even “money”, as that income goes straight to living costs. How many people are currently knees deep in debt? That will tell you one of two things. Firstly, people are just not earning enough to get by, or secondly, they are living way beyond their means.

In most cases, it is probably a bit of both. Unless you are an employee who has the opportunity to work overtime, your income is capped. You can go to work early, leave late, and work harder than all of your fellow workers, it simply doesn’t matter. Your paycheck remains the same. The best possible outcome in such a scenario is that perhaps management takes note of your commitment and subsequently grants you a promotion. However, your income is still capped by your predefined salary.

This doesn’t sound like a good trade at all, does it? You basically get to trade your life away, while others benefit off of the back of your work and effort.

No Room To Complain

However, it is not for you to complain, as many of these “benefitting” individuals chose to do things differently. Instead of settling for a bad trade-off, they found a way to remove themselves from this dynamic. For the last decade, Crypto has been providing an opportunity to escape the “rat race”. The funny thing about the rat race is, none of the rats win. Yep, it’s a race that has no winner and no prize. It’s a deception that ultimately sees people trade their lives away. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that people shouldn’t work. However, there are ways of working that are more beneficial to the worker.

A Common Argument

Over the years I have blogged about creating income via the incentivized Crypto economy. I have subsequently had responses that have then questioned how society would operate if everyone followed this approach. The answer to that is a lot simpler than you may think. Escaping the rat race is nothing new. Going back a few decades, Robert Kiyosaki introduced the world to his approach to escaping the rat race. Many people caught on and begin applying his strategies in regard to real estate investing. Many people subsequently began to “retire” from their 9 to 5 jobs, as their property portfolios began to grow.

Did the world come to a grinding halt? Hardly, everything continued as usual. The reality is that the majority of society is not able to take “calculated risks”. They prefer to remain as they are because they are afraid of failure and subsequently, destruction. Furthermore, not everyone has that entrepreneurial edge.

This Is The Reality

This will always be the case, which means that the world won’t be coming to an end because people choose to work in a way that empowers them, rather than an entity. The reality remains that this is an approach that hinges on the dynamic of risk/reward. As I have just mentioned, the majority of society is averse to “unnecessary” risk, and therefore chooses to pass up the opportunity.

I have had many people call me “lucky” because I got into Crypto early. However, I can assure you, it definitely wasn’t luck. I spent many a night up until 3 am while running a business during the day. This was also during a time when nobody expected to see what we have seen take place over the years.

When Bitcoin broke a thousand dollars, many of us were convinced this was it. Surely, it couldn’t just continue to rise? However, hindsight has proven us all wrong. There were no guarantees. I could have been wasting years of my life. However, I took a calculated risk and decided to follow this new technology. Making bank was actually never a motivation. That only came in 2016/2017 when I realized how big this was going to be.

Opportunities Still Abound

Speculation might not necessarily be as profitable as before, but there are many other opportunities within this space that can eventually become extremely rewarding. However, it’s not “easy money”, as many believe. It takes commitment and effort like anything else. For sure, picking a future altcoin gem offers a great reward relative to the time spent researching it, but once again, a very high risk/reward ratio. I have published many articles about the Hive blockchain and the opportunities that exist within the ecosystem. This is one very good example of how continued dedication can eventually become extremely rewarding. Once again, there are no shortcuts.

Final Thoughts

It can get tough sometimes, just look at the state of the market during this Crypto winter. However, there is no ceiling! Opportunities abound, and with the right mindset, success is attainable. I think that perhaps many fail to understand the concept of hard work. The rise of the four-day work week, as well as a 20 or 30-hour week, has made society soft. During my most productive working years, I worked approximately 75 hours a week. The only difference is that if you are working for yourself, the rules change, especially if you are working at creating passive and residual income.

Anyway, I am going on a bit here, but the point is, Crypto has a lot to offer. If you apply yourself now, it may well be the best thing you ever do, financially.

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