Diving Deeper Into Independence

The Ultimate Hedge

With every passing day comes the introduction of new laws, as well as an ever-weakening global economy. Together, these two dynamics are able to destroy what has become known as the “American Dream”. Some would go as far as to say that it is already becoming an American nightmare. Restrictive laws coupled with an imploding economy are “signs” to anyone paying attention. Furthermore, consider that wages are flat and you begin to understand that the eventual outcome is rather bleak. This all points to the only true hedge, independence. We function in this world but we do not necessarily need to be reliant upon it.

Crypto has introduced people to an advantageous alternative. Cryptocurrencies operate in a decentralized manner, separate from the state. The opportunities that exist within the Crypto space further enhance the ability to earn an income through multiple ideas that exist outside of the current system. To some extent, these worlds overlap but are not necessarily reliant upon each other. Many of these ideas are not tied to the common ideas we are familiar with in the working world, hence the difficulty for many to embrace the amazing opportunity at hand.

A Clear Signal

A falling world, combined with the earning opportunities that exist within the Crypto economy is clearly pointing towards a life of greater independence. Many are happy to be completely reliant upon entities that are in no way beholden to them. One does not necessarily have to abandon one’s current security. However, it makes a lot of sense to begin hedging your life and income, via the “incentivized economy” within the Crypto space.

Just this morning I helped a friend set up an opportunity that leverages this very dynamic. Now he is able to earn some free Crypto on a daily basis. This is a great introduction to this new economy. It is always the “early birds” who manage to benefit the most. Earning a token during the formative years becomes extremely powerful further down the road. Amassing large holdings now makes a great deal of sense, as it is a lot easier to do so due to low valuations and generous rewards.

As projects experience growth, the rewards generally shrink. This tends to be rather relative and is often the case. The only way to maximize your stake is to be early and busy! This is the case for many of the opportunities that are currently available.

Building An Independent Hedge

My opinion is that people should be more focused on building upon such opportunities, rather than “buying Crypto”. Firstly, there is no financial risk, as you do not have to use your capital to acquire these coins and tokens. Secondly, many of them will continue producing income well into the future. I am not saying don’t allocate capital to Crypto, but rather that it makes more sense to exhaust incentivized models first. Allocation of capital can be done in conjunction with strategic “free accumulation”, ultimately creating a stronger portfolio together with a built-in hedge.

I always seek out the most profitable strategy when looking to reach investment goals. This will often incorporate incentivized models, compounding, as well as a passive or semi-passive dynamic. It is sometimes difficult to envision how powerful this approach can be during a bear market, as prices are significantly lower than where they will be during the next bull market. It is difficult for many to envision future prices, and so often, they choose not to embark on the journey.

Those who have the foresight, and the dedication to match are the ones who come out smiling years down the line. If you are uncomfortable with having to wait years for a return, then perhaps you should head on over to Las Vegas.

Final Thoughts

I believe that we are now in the most powerful phase of this bear market, in terms of accumulation. In keeping with my analysis, the next thirty to sixty days will offer tremendous value. This is my own viewpoint and should not be construed as investment advice in any way. Anyway, let’s make the most of it. See you next time!

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