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Bitcoin – What’s Happening In The Charts?

Volatility Returns It’s been a bit quiet of late, in regard to Bitcoin and the Crypto market as a whole. However, we have experienced a modest pump during the course of the past 24 hours. Once again, the anticipation of a FED pivot is… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – What’s Happening In The Charts?”

Bitcoin – Analysis & The State Of The Market

FED Pivot? The market appears to be getting bullish. However, this seems to be yet another “false” indication. I know that there is a lot of positivity due to a possible FED pivot, and the fact that the whales have once again begun accumulation.… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Analysis & The State Of The Market”

Fearless Execution

Avoid Paralysis One of the number one hindrances to missing a great opportunity is fear. This is a two-edged sword. Fear to act in case you become a casualty, as well as fear of missing out and then acting too soon. To be honest,… Continue Reading “Fearless Execution”