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Diving Deeper Into Independence

The Ultimate Hedge With every passing day comes the introduction of new laws, as well as an ever-weakening global economy. Together, these two dynamics are able to destroy what has become known as the “American Dream”. Some would go as far as to say… Continue Reading “Diving Deeper Into Independence”

Hedging Your Ethereum Investment

A New Chapter The Merge marks a new chapter in the evolution and progression of Ethereum. Although, some would not necessarily consider a shift to POS progression. Either way, it signals a new phase, and hopefully one that will be beneficial. I personally began… Continue Reading “Hedging Your Ethereum Investment”

Will Bitcoin Protect Investors In An Age Of Hyperinflation?

It’s Not Transitory Unlike what the FED and politicians would have you believe, hyperinflation is most definitely not transitory. We have entered an age of hyperinflation, an age that has only just begun. Do you remember how shocked everyone was when inflation was reported… Continue Reading “Will Bitcoin Protect Investors In An Age Of Hyperinflation?”

Bitcoin – Learn From The Mistakes Of The Turks

Are You In? To be honest, anyone that is still not in some way involved in Crypto at this point is missing the opportunity of a lifetime. It has become so blatantly obvious how Crypto is able to solve so many current issues in… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Learn From The Mistakes Of The Turks”

My Crypto Menu – What’s Been Removed?

I Have Limited My Activity Whether the bottom is in at $33K or not is still not that important, as prices could very easily revisit that level. In all honesty, they could even go a lot lower. Sometimes a “good opportunity” has to be… Continue Reading “My Crypto Menu – What’s Been Removed?”