Effective Portfolio Construction & Risk Management – Your Saving Grace!

Foolishness Receives Little Sympathy It never ceases to amaze me how “investors” make terrible decisions and then proceed to blame everyone else when things go south. Sure, being collateral damage in a situation such as UST, Celsius, or FTX is unfortunate. However, it should… Continue Reading “Effective Portfolio Construction & Risk Management – Your Saving Grace!”

Diving Deeper Into Independence

The Ultimate Hedge With every passing day comes the introduction of new laws, as well as an ever-weakening global economy. Together, these two dynamics are able to destroy what has become known as the “American Dream”. Some would go as far as to say… Continue Reading “Diving Deeper Into Independence”

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Crypto Market Triggers Alarm Bells – Time To Short?

What’s The General Mood? Looking at what analysts and others are currently suggesting only serves to provide more confusion. Some are extremely bearish, while others are fairly bullish. Analyzing this behavior does however offer more value than the predictions being made. If you have… Continue Reading “Crypto Market Triggers Alarm Bells – Time To Short?”

Portfolio Construction In A Bear Market

Diversification Is Key So, I have tallied up my different stablecoin and cash holdings and am a lot higher than I expected to be, which is great! I am currently at approximately 40%, which is where I was when I made the initial shift… Continue Reading “Portfolio Construction In A Bear Market”

My Crypto Menu – What’s Been Removed?

I Have Limited My Activity Whether the bottom is in at $33K or not is still not that important, as prices could very easily revisit that level. In all honesty, they could even go a lot lower. Sometimes a “good opportunity” has to be… Continue Reading “My Crypto Menu – What’s Been Removed?”

Hedging Your Portfolio Through Daily Habits

Multiple Ways To Get The Job Done Discerning market trends and short-term cycles can be extremely hard at times. Just look at today, an announcement by the FED can send the market tumbling in an instant. It doesn’t matter if the technicals and fundamentals… Continue Reading “Hedging Your Portfolio Through Daily Habits”

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