A Portfolio To Replace Yourself

The Essence Of An Investment Portfolio So why do individuals build up Investment portfolios over years and decades? The simple answer is, security! An investment portfolio that grows over time is a portfolio that is working. For many, this is a type of nest… Continue Reading “A Portfolio To Replace Yourself”

The Slow Leak On Altcoins

Alts Continue Their Speculative Behavior Alts have always suffered way more than BTC in a market downturn. Even ETH, which to many is no longer an “alt” but an independent force similar to Bitcoin. Even though this narrative has been quite broadly adopted, it… Continue Reading “The Slow Leak On Altcoins”

A New Chapter For BlockFi

Some Clarity For BlockFi Both BlockFi and Celsius were recently on the receiving end of a regulatory power move. I have not heard much of what has transpired on the Celsius front. However, BlockFi has managed to come to a settlement amount of $100… Continue Reading “A New Chapter For BlockFi”

Celebrate Your Crypto Victories

Not Always Easy When life doesn’t quite turn out the way you were expecting it can become a little difficult to remain positive. I think that this is pretty much where we all find ourselves currently in the Crypto space. Even those who were… Continue Reading “Celebrate Your Crypto Victories”

A Simple Yet Efficient Strategy For Top Altcoins

Not All Alts Respond The Same The understanding that Altcoins suffer significant losses when Bitcoin trends down is a widely understood concept and yet there are varying degrees of damage. There are different reasons as to why a particular altcoin may experience more severe… Continue Reading “A Simple Yet Efficient Strategy For Top Altcoins”

The Implosion Of The First World Is Creating The Bitcoin World

Location Is Everything? Once a nation has escalated to a new level of “measures” or tactics not yet seen before, something happens within the moral and ethical fiber of that particular nation. Whether it is born of necessity or not is irrelevant. Something happens… Continue Reading “The Implosion Of The First World Is Creating The Bitcoin World”

Is It Time To Begin Thinking About Altcoins?

The Altcoin Market Needs Some Action Looking at Bitcoin, the price is still relatively strong despite suffering multiple dips over the past while. In actual fact, it’s starting to look rather bullish! The market has previously been in a state of uncertainty as it… Continue Reading “Is It Time To Begin Thinking About Altcoins?”

My Quest – 100 Opportunities Yielding $1 Each Per Day

You Know It’s True It is rather difficult to gain a significant daily return from one or two single opportunities. However, gaining a dollar a day from a single opportunity is fairly doable. Now, imagine you can do that over 100 small opportunities that… Continue Reading “My Quest – 100 Opportunities Yielding $1 Each Per Day”

The Best Way To Generate Wealth In Crypto

It Might Be Difficult But It’s The Most Powerful Most people coming into the Crypto space are here to create life-changing wealth. Whether or not they manage to attain it or not is another story. If you are starting your journey with limited, or… Continue Reading “The Best Way To Generate Wealth In Crypto”

One Micro-Cap I Am Resuming Accumulation Of Now!

Previous Performer In October of 2021, I put out a personal altcoin pic to my subscribers that I was expecting a run on. Not only was this pick an altcoin but also a micro-cap! In the article, “Axpire – Is This Project About To… Continue Reading “One Micro-Cap I Am Resuming Accumulation Of Now!”