Bitcoin Technical Analysis – An Extensive Deep Dive, What’s Next?

A Word From Hindsight Now, before I get into the state of the current market, I want to revisit my bear market prediction from approximately five months ago. Bitcoin was trading above $30K, as seen in the chart below. Back then I mapped out… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Technical Analysis – An Extensive Deep Dive, What’s Next?”

Why The Next Bitcoin Crash Could Be Moments Away

The Set Up While everyone has become rather frustrated in regard to the Bitcoin price, there is another element of this story that may not necessarily be that obvious, especially to those who do not understand or practice TA. What has been perceived as… Continue Reading “Why The Next Bitcoin Crash Could Be Moments Away”

Bitcoin – Prepare For Heavy Downside Movement

Lets’s Recap Recently, Bitcoin retested the $18K level, which is what I said I was expecting and hoping to see. As mentioned some time ago, I pointed to this as a key deciding factor. Either the double bottom formation would be validated or rejected,… Continue Reading “Bitcoin – Prepare For Heavy Downside Movement”

ETH Update – Losing The $2500 Support

A Wild Ride Well, a bumpy weekend was met by an equally aggressive Monday. Stocks and Crypto both continued their respective journeys south, as liquidations continued to roll out. The fear and greed index is hitting levels of extreme fear causing many to hit… Continue Reading “ETH Update – Losing The $2500 Support”

Bitcoin Remains In Its Box

Killing Time Bitcoin seems to be rather determined to sit this one out. Unfazed by much of what is transpiring on a global stage, BTC continues to trade in a very boring yet somewhat safe zone. This is what I mentioned to my subscribers… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Remains In Its Box”