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Just In Case You Think I Am A Bear…

Permabull? Before I get into this latest edition, I want to establish a few crucial aspects. Firstly, there is no reality where a permabull or permabear exists. Absolutely every single asset on this planet goes up and down in value. Yes, I believe Crypto… Continue Reading “Just In Case You Think I Am A Bear…”

Cryptoneurs In A Bear Market

Subject To The Seasons All businesses endure periods of “testing”, which are often linked to the economic climate or the nature of the particular business. Every business has some seasonal dynamic to it that cannot be avoided. Restaurants and other entertainment typed businesses tend… Continue Reading “Cryptoneurs In A Bear Market”

The Bitcoin Habit

More Than A Cycle The current bear market is something extremely uncomfortable for many a new Crypto investor. Many have heard about previous crashes but hearing about something and living through it are two very different experiences. Even those who have been through this… Continue Reading “The Bitcoin Habit”

Bitcoin Breaks the Rules, Including Its Own

A Unique Path Looking back in history, one is able to see how many times Bitcoin has been declared dead and how many times it also defied predictions. Choosing rather to travel its own path, Bitcoin established itself as a truly unique asset, unlike… Continue Reading “Bitcoin Breaks the Rules, Including Its Own”