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Cardano – Exercising Wisdoms Uncommon To The Crypto Space

Powerful Moves Require Humility While the market has been bleeding out during the course of 2022, Cardano builders have been planning and developing in the background. While many other competitors were busy telling everyone how great they were, Cardano was silently proving it. The… Continue Reading “Cardano – Exercising Wisdoms Uncommon To The Crypto Space”

Double Whammy – Decentr & Presearch Partnership!

Decentralized Web Browsers I have written a number of articles in the past in which I have showcased both Presearch and Decentr. Presearch has been around for some time and has well over 4 million users. Decentr is a newer project that enables users… Continue Reading “Double Whammy – Decentr & Presearch Partnership!”

Dusk Network – Privacy Blockchain For Financial Applications

Privacy Becoming Hot Property Privacy coins recently experienced a spike in attention and simultaneously, price. Approximately seven days ago, privacy coins such as Monero and Zcash spiked more than 20% on the day. This was a mere three days after I published, “Is Monero… Continue Reading “Dusk Network – Privacy Blockchain For Financial Applications”