Double Whammy – Decentr & Presearch Partnership!

Decentralized Web Browsers

I have written a number of articles in the past in which I have showcased both Presearch and Decentr. Presearch has been around for some time and has well over 4 million users. Decentr is a newer project that enables users to monetize their data in numerous ways. Users also get to decide the level of privacy they wish to experience. Both these browsers are viable options for those looking to monetize their online activity, as well as enjoy additional privacy. These two projects recently partnered and have created the perfect synergy for Presearch and Decentr users.

Decentr Introduces New Default Browser

Unlike Presearch, which operates via its own browser, Decentr gives users the choice of utilizing existing browsers within their service. The great news is that not only is Presearch now available on Decentr, but it is also the default search engine. Presearch recently announced a wallet upgrade, which ultimately makes the project Web 3 compatible. Decentr, on the other hand, was originally created with Web 3 in mind and perhaps has been its most significant “selling point” this far.

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The Tokens Involved

When making use of Presearch, users earn PRE tokens for every search they conduct. Obviously, it’s not a limitless opportunity to continue paying out PRE tokens all day. Rather, users are compensated for up to 30 searches every 24-hour period. The Current search reward is 0.10 PRE, which means that users can generate up to 3 PRE tokens per day. Decentr rewards users with their DEC token which can be traded on AscendEX and Hotbit, as well as a few other exchanges. Users are rewarded for multiple reasons on Decentr, unlike Presearch, which only rewards per search. At the time of writing, PRE is trading at $0.10, while DEC is trading at 0.017. The all-time high of PRE is $0.80, while the DEC ATH is recorded as $0.67 on CoinGecko.

Difficult To Choose

Thanks to the recent partnership, users no longer have to choose between the two but can use the one within the other. This might help Decentr in finding further adoption, as existing Presearch users are likely to take advantage of this dynamic. Decentr can aid in providing increased privacy, as well as providing an opportunity to earn additional tokens on a daily basis, along with PRE. This looks like an interesting partnership. I am still to play around with it myself but thought I would mention it to my readers, as I know many of you actively use Presearch on a daily basis. Thanks for the visit! See you in the next one!

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