Crypto – Finding A Routine That Works

The Crypto Life

For some, Crypto is everything… for others, it’s a bit of a passion, a side hustle. Either way, making time to “get stuck in” can sometimes be a little challenging. Many people already feel as if they don’t have enough hours in the day. However, that excuse is simply not going to cut it. Establishing a routine, or even re-establishing an existing routine needs to be a primary objective if you are looking to make any significant headway in your Crypto journey.

Something I noticed during my time in the business world, and overseeing hundreds of staff members over the years… is that dedication is often short-lived. Most people are able to put their best foot forward for a couple of weeks, or even months. Very few were able to continue in the same “spirit” in which they began. This is human behavior, which is why routine and discipline need to be additional ingredients in order to experience success.

Crypto enthusiasts are generally traders, content creators, and DeFi participants. These require varying degrees of effort and time, with DeFi being the least demanding. Depending on how involved, as well as diversified you are, will dictate the amount of time and dedication you need to bring to the table every day. I have addressed routine quite extensively in a previous post. However, finding a routine that fits/works is a lot more challenging than being aware of what you need to appropriate.

I would advise reading, “Routine – The Mother Of Consistency” in conjunction with this article. The application of knowledge is often where many tend to experience difficulties and resistance. Simply being aware of what you need to do and accomplish is not enough. You have to find the best way to execute and accomplish your daily goals. Getting this wrong can often lead to “missing the mark”, which can also lead to discouragement.

Encouragement Motivates

Being productive in and of itself is an encouragement to those who are able to sustain a productive lifestyle. However, if you find that you are consistently missing the mark, it may eventually become a significant discouragement, one that is actually able to wipe you off the board. The greatest barrier to a successful routine is often time management. If something isn’t working, the obvious answer is to adjust your approach.

This is where many make the fatal mistake! Instead of cutting time from other recreational activities, they trim down their routine. Sure, if such a decision enables a more manageable routine, why not? There are other creative ways of allowing yourself more time, in regard to your routine.

  • Get up earlier
  • Go to bed later
  • Cut TV time
  • Other time-saving ideas

Instead of cutting productivity, it makes more sense to cut out unnecessary activities. Getting rid of more TV screen time is never a bad idea, in my opinion. Sure, it’s great to just disconnect sometimes… and just unwind, doing nothing. However, many take this necessary pleasure a little too far. Cutting back would enable additional productivity, while simultaneously removing unnecessary pressure, in regard to your workload.

Expiration Times

Another way to ensure and encourage productivity is to assign allotted times to various tasks and activities. This can help to eliminate daydreaming and other distractions. It’s amazing how powerful this simple idea can be. Whenever you complete a certain task timeously, look at how long it took you to complete it. Simply set that as your standard, and work towards operating within its predefined parameters.

One can choose to later revisit these designated limitations, and tighten them even further. Another viable option is to get ahead of yourself. If you find that you made good time for the day, get going on tomorrow’s schedule. There are sometimes tasks that can be done in advance. At the end of the day, you have to find ways to make it work!

Final Thoughts

Having a plan of action is just the first step. Finding a way to appropriate and incorporate it into your life is where the challenge lies. Don’t become discouraged if you find you are missing the mark. Rather, find creative ways to make it work. Trim and adjust other areas of your life… don’t just focus on your routine. Try to find acceptable compromises. That’s it for this one. All the best, catch you next time!

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