My Quest – 100 Opportunities Yielding $1 Each Per Day

You Know It’s True

It is rather difficult to gain a significant daily return from one or two single opportunities. However, gaining a dollar a day from a single opportunity is fairly doable. Now, imagine you can do that over 100 small opportunities that either require a few minutes a day or are completely passive. That is how you begin to achieve reasonable daily Crypto income. Perhaps some opportunities even yield two or three dollars a day. This would enable you to decrease the number of required opportunities from 100 to perhaps 40 or even 50!

This is my new quest, or challenge if you will. These opportunities are essentially not financial investments, trading, or even creating content. This is more focused on passive, Incentivized, and quick micro-earning opportunities.

Let Me Expand A Bit

For example, the new social intelligence metric platform, LunarCrush is easily capable of producing a dollar a day. I visit it daily, run through my multiple-choice opinions and earn more than 1 LUNR per day. This token was trading at $1.44 before the market fell off a cliff a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it is under a dollar at the moment but the good news is that after reaching level 2 (holding 35 LUNR), the rewards increase, and a multiplier kicks in for your referrals.

Even with the drop in price for PRE tokens, you can still hit a dollar a day if you manage to invite one or two referrals a month. Presearch is still a good opportunity, even at current price levels. Mining BFG tokens to earn daily dividends is another sure winner. There are plenty of great opportunities out there! Claiming your free Hi Dollar is another small task that literally takes approximately 30 seconds a day. Seeking out as many of these opportunities as possible is what one needs to do, as they don’t really require much time at all.

Yes, Even Faucets

Even though faucets can appear slow, they can multiply quite aggressively with referrals. I use passive income from other projects to fund advertising campaigns to gain referrals for faucets. Even if you do not wish to spend any capital on advertising, inviting friends and members of your own network, or Oikos can also help a lot. Every aspect of Crypto has earning potential but the angle is often unique to each.

Discovering and maximizing an angle is key to making the most out of all that Crypto has to offer. Play2Earn is another angle of course, as well as NFTs.

It May Sound Like A Lot

Some may think that this is a lot and maybe so but for me personally it is not that bad. Having to work 15 plus hours a day for many years in a high-stress environment pales in comparison. This is especially true as many of these opportunities are passive, or require minimal effort and time. Perhaps those who are thinking of doing something similar could look at utilizing opportunities that could eventually provide $10 a day. Earning an additional $300 a month in Crypto, which should increase significantly over the next couple of years, can impact your portfolio quite positively in time.

Raising The Bar

For me, I have set the bar quite high, as many of these opportunities are free to use and have marginal or limited earning capacity. That is exactly why the wisdom of gathering is so important here. It is also the wisdom of diversification, as each opportunity will in essence only contribute between 1% and 3% of the desired target of $100 per day. I have comprised a list of some of the opportunities I am currently utilizing for anyone who would like to join me.

It All Adds Up

When you add this income to content creation, trading, investing in micro-caps and airdrops, you begin to see how incorporating all these different approaches into your strategy can bolster your portfolio. That’s Crypto, it’s all about accumulation, or gathering from multiple opportunities. People banging about with one opportunity tend not to see much progress unless they are super dedicated. A multitude of approaches protects you in multiple ways and is a pearl of wisdom I always look to apply.


What are some of your goals and are you perhaps doing something similar? Remember, if you are not moving, you are dying! Thanks for the visit and always keep on seeking out new ways to grow and enhance your portfolio!

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