On-Chain Wealth Creation & The Role Of The Hive Blockchain

Identifying Opportunity

It is during this time that one needs to be scouting out future projects. Not only that, but it’s important to identify the projects, hubs, and platforms that you are wanting to build upon. If you are a Noise.cash user you will be aware of the “migration” that is currently taking place. It is important to note that users are now forced to create an entirely new account. So, all the “building” of followers and other endeavors that took place on Noise.cash was a complete waste of time. This was always a potential risk and one that I pointed out more than a year ago.

Due to my own personal approach, I am not willing to rebuild anything on the new Noise app. Unless my work is able to continue working for me in some way in the future, I am not interested. This is exactly why I made two very important moves some time back. I created my own website, where I am able to “file and access” my work. Furthermore, I chose Hive as my primary “Crypto home”.

Content created on Hive actually gets recorded on the blockchain. It is far superior to any of these other alternatives. These points have all been addressed at length in previous publications. Many of these newer platforms enable a type of WEB3 “authorization” or wallet connection but they still ultimately control the content and data. This is definitely not WEB3. There is no decentralization whatsoever. WEB3 without decentralization is simply a new lock into an old house. It actually means nothing at all.

An Element Unique To Hive

Creating content and earning on Hive is not the only “benefit” of this ecosystem. Being able to actually work and record content and data on-chain makes all the difference. Provided, you are making use of some type of strategic model, you will be building a stack of Hive Power over time. I think this is one of the most crucial aspects of building on Hive, it requires time and commitment. Wanting to just arrive and begin making bank is not very realistic at all. However, it is how many seem to think “earning opportunities” work. It’s that “employee mindset”. You know the one… ” I have been here for three hours, so where are my tokens”? It doesn’t work like that. It never has and it never will.

Working with Crypto opportunities is very much an entrepreneurial endeavor. Seeking immediate reward is something that the entrepreneur understands is unrealistic. An entrepreneur can work for years before experiencing any significant reward. Crypto is for everyone, but earning a significant income via Crypto opportunities, is perhaps not. This is something that becomes very apparent to those who set out with inappropriate or naive expectations. There is no easy money, even within the Crypto space.

Hive can be rewarding in many ways, but you have to approach it with the appropriate mindset and expectations. Building something on-chain is also a lot more secure, as it provides true ownership or the best version of it that we currently have. Hive provides an opportunity for anyone to get started and begin building their blog, brand, and presence. This is the power of decentralization. Creating “equal opportunity” within a niche that is oftentimes full of barriers to entry. However, it is also important to note that equal opportunity does not necessarily equate to equal outcomes.

Something To Consider

If you have to work so hard in order to earn a living, why would you consider building wealth over time to be an easy endeavor? Isn’t it strange how some people tend to view life? Something that I have noticed in regard to many Crypto newcomers is their “staying power” The majority exhaust this “dedication” within three to six months. If an individual pushes on beyond six months, chances are they will be around in the future. A lot of people make use of Crypto and are exposed to it through various investments, but not many will go on to build anything of any significant value.

Hivers tend to be extremely goal-driven. One of the most frequented blog topics is “Goal Updates”. Hivers have a very specific goal in mind and are committed to the point where it disciplines their daily lives. There are three very important aspects that are foundational in terms of on-chain success.

  • Consistency
  • Quality
  • Engagement

You will find that this is a common thread amongst successful Hivers, and is pivotal in creating an authoritative on-chain presence. So, this brings us to the most important aspect, what exactly is Hive’s role?

Hive’s One-Sided Monetary Conversion

As previously mentioned, Hive provides an equal opportunity to anyone wanting to begin building some type of Crypto wealth. Remember, wealth does not necessarily have to be millions, but rather additional capital that you hold outside and beyond your current “required earnings”. This is unique to each person. Hive is unique in that it rewards people for their knowledge, viewpoints, and time. It attributes value to your experiences and knowledge, ultimately enabling the average person to begin amassing Crypto without purchasing it.

I have found this to be one of the most difficult concepts to introduce people to. People are wired by the current economic model to simply purchase assets. It’s difficult for many to understand and embrace an economic model that attributes value outside of a monetary exchange. Traditionally, what you supply has no monetary value to you in the “real world”. However, what Hive supplies does have monetary value in the real world, as well as the on-chain world.

I believe that this “mental shift” plays a significant role in actually being able to embrace and leverage the economy that is being birthed, particularly on Hive. This is also only in terms of content creation. Outside of this niche is a whole other world on Hive that is waiting to be explored and utilized. These are the opportunities that offer tremendous value in terms of creating future wealth. Establishing and maintaining your own on-chain property on Hive is probably one of the smartest things to do long term.

Hive accounts are like property, in that they carry value based on what they provide. The intrinsic value of a Hive account is directly tethered to its influence, importance, and ability to provide extraordinary value.

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