Hive Shines As Alternative Crypto-Based Social Media Platforms Fizzle out!

An Expected Outcome

For the last year or so I have been quite vocal on numerous platforms in regard to where I believe people should be focusing their attention (Hive) when it comes to Crypto-based social media and content creation. Especially, in the case of incentivized models. It seems the bear market has begun to claw deep into these “flawed” models. Having a pool that is sponsored by individuals or particular projects has no sustainability. This is a point I made quite clear, even though when I made it, everything was still “peachy” in terms of the earning potential on these platforms. I am not going to name names here, but anyone who is active in this arena will know exactly what I am talking about.

Reward pools are barely distributing anything of value, never mind acceptable value. Unfortunately, it seems as if future sustainability was never taken into account. It appears as if getting a project to “market” was the only motivation and consideration. You simply cannot compare the brilliance of the Hive economic model. The majority of these platforms don’t actually have an economic model or construct. The platform is simply funded by a person or entity and then the funds are simply redistributed to users.

There is no token and subsequently, no tokenomics that would typically dictate and control the economic model. No economic model, no tokenomics, just “sponsors”. There are isolated cases where this model has survived fairly well, but yet, is definitely not ideal.

This Is How Quality Is Singled Out

Amongst all of this, Hive shines all the brighter! Not merely as a platform but as an “economy” that is able to experience growth due to its design. Let me remind you, a platform that is funded cannot truly experience any growth, as growth requires some type of economic dynamic and construct. I have not mentioned names because this is not about bashing these platforms, but rather drawing attention to Hive’s supremacy. You simply cannot compare the two models.

This is why I previously encouraged new and “experimental” Hivers to push on. Even though it can be extremely difficult to gain recognition initially, you simply have to push on. If you haven’t realized by now, anything meaningful in life comes at a cost. Unlike these alternative platforms, building a foundation on Hive is way more beneficial in the long run.

Nothing Changes

Yes, the token price is down, but so is every other token. The Hive economy still provides meaningful value on a daily basis. Nothing changes, it’s business as usual on Hive. You definitely cannot say that about many of the alternatives out there. Perhaps, now that the proof is in the pudding, many will rethink their approach and recognize the supremacy and sustainability of Hive.

Understandably, valuations generally don’t appreciate in a bear market. However, from a point of growth and development, Hive is making headway. This ultimately exposes Hivers to further opportunities within the Crypto space. You may initially be drawn to Hive by the blogging aspect, but there’s a lot more to the Hive ecosystem than blogging and curation. Hivers can also utilize content and curation rewards as a means to gain access to the multiple DeFi opportunities available within the ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

As the bear market pushes on the true gems just become even more visible, especially to the researched and discerning investor. There is no doubt in my mind that Hive offers the best opportunity going forward for content creators and bloggers. Nothing is ever guaranteed, but the odds are definitely in Hive’s favor.

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