Time To Ramp Up Your Crypto Goals?

2022 – The Year Of Market Carnage

We are approaching the close of what has been a rather bleak year in regard to financial markets. Economic concerns, inflation, and political instability have been at the center of much of the pain we have all had to endure. There however is the hope that 2023 will signal the start of better days to come.

Bear markets encourage the wise to push harder, to prepare adequately for the “next round”. Something that I have noticed is the dramatic difference between the average experienced Crypto investor and the average newcomer. Many newcomers seem to be unable of envisioning higher levels in the future.

For Many of these new investors, Crypto has failed. “It was good while it lasted, but now we have to look elsewhere”. There appears to be a complete lack of faith. The willingness to continue is gone, just like that! How is it that the most beneficial opportunity is viewed as the complete opposite?

A Bad Combination

One of the worst combinations for inexperienced investors is that of loss and a long-term bear market. This has the power to destroy the majority. For most, the mental anguish of loss, and ongoing loss is just way too much to process. The human condition is to avoid pain, and yet those who go on to accomplish anything significant in their lives, at some point, had to face and endure pain, difficulty, and discouragement.

This lethal cocktail that financial markets hand out from time to time is something that all must encounter and conquer. Either conquer or be conquered. This is the reality of times such as this. I think motivation also counts. So many are simply looking to “make bank”. What about something of greater importance? Creating something of value that will go on to benefit others, or establishing something of value that will benefit your family.

This is going to become something of greater importance, as the world continues down its path of implosion. What today may look like something of gain (Crypto) will tomorrow become an essential aspect of survival. These are my views that will either be validated or disproven by hindsight.

Goals – Now’s The Time

Working towards your goals and revisiting your goals is an important part of remaining relevant and productive. This is how we make headway and begin experiencing fruitfulness. You need to put in a dedicated and deliberate effort in order to realize future growth and reward. Is this perhaps not the best time to revisit and recharge your goals?

Recently, there has been a fair amount of chatter surrounding passive income and Hive. This is a great time to begin ramping up your activity on Hive and other opportunities that ultimately produce a form of passive and residual income. Growth at these levels becomes an extremely powerful force in the future. I will tell you one thing, it will be a lot more challenging to grow once “harvesttime” kicks in.

In actual fact, it’s not actually difficult, it’s impossible. You can’t reap a harvest if you never planted anything. This is how it works, and why “latecomers” always tend to lose money in a bull market. They are running behind the “harvesters” trying to pick up on the “overflow”.

They actually have no legitimate right, but rather just a chance to get “lucky”. Those who accumulated during the previous bear market secured their “right” during the bull market of 2021. Why do I say this? Well, nothing was able to “steal” their harvest. Securing an entry between $3K and $5K ultimately guaranteed them an eventual harvest.

Here’s The Irony

Those who were late during this last cycle often tend to say that those who bought at $3K were lucky. They somehow deceive themselves from realizing that back then, those investors were in the same position. They could have refused to buy or “act” at $3K, arguing that those who bought at a couple of hundred dollars were lucky. The essence of the situation is this: Excuses will always be the response of some who are faced with a true challenge.

Some, believe themselves to be victims and so never respond, while others are privileged and consider the road ahead a “waste of time”. However, once the markets begin rallying again they start circling like vultures. Only now is it worth their time and attention. Honestly, I am pleased by this dynamic. Those who think they can just “arrive” and simply “make bank” without any effort or dedication are what nature refers to as parasites.

Human beings were never meant to be parasitic in nature, and so I am pleased that the market often tends to separate the wheat from the chaff. There is no room for complaining, only continuation. This is how “process” and life take place. Anything else is somewhat of a fairytale.

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