CoinPayu Adds NEAR Protocol & Additional Alts

A Solid Reputation Since 2019

CoinPayU launched back in 2019 and has since become one of the most prominent and respected Crypto earning platforms online. Daily visits to the platform enable users to earn Crypto in a multitude of ways. All earnings are received in BTC but the site also enables withdrawals to a number of top altcoins as well. Selecting payment via one of the many altcoin options will simply see your BTC balance being converted to the equivalent value of whatever altcoin you have selected. This is great because you can slowly build up balances in multiple allocations. The platform enables users to withdraw every 72 hours, which means that if you so choose, you can rotate your payments. You can withdraw via Solana today and then via Near Protocol three days later.

A Few New Additions

CoinPayU has recently added a number of new deposit and withdrawal options. These are ROSE, XTZ, and NEAR. Old favorites such as ADA, SOL, and MATIC are still available. Each one of these options also sports its own faucet, which can be claimed every hour. As a free member, users can select four faucets to claim from every hour. So, today it could be SOL, ADA, MATIC, and ROSE. The following day could be switched around to four different faucets. The selection is applicable for 24 hours and is then reset so that users can select four different faucets for the day if they so choose. Considering that four claims can be made every hour has an additional benefit. Faucet earnings can be swapped, which means that if you wanted to stack up on NEAR you could simply swap all your faucet balances to NEAR.

Ads & Surveys

The same can be done for your earnings generated by viewing ads. There are tons of ads available in multiple formats and all earnings can once again be converted from BTC to any of the preferred options. This applies to surveys as well. CoinPayU is probably one of the best GPT sites, especially since the minimum withdrawal is 1500 sats. A great app to download on your phone and have on hand to monetize those idle moments. The app is available on Android with over 100K downloads. This is actually very high, as many users make use of the desktop version.


CoinPayU is definitely worth checking out as a way to stack some extra sats. This is especially true if you are wanting to stack altcoin sats. Prices are currently discounted and the altcoins on offer are pretty decent. As always, please perform your own due diligence.

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