I Just Published My First Blog Post On Article

CoinPayU Launches “Article” In Beta

CoinPayU first began hinting at its plans to launch a blogging/content platform in 2021. Today I received a notification that the platform is now live in beta. The platform appears to be named “Article” and sports a very simple yet clean finish. The UI is nothing amazing but then again some other platforms such as Noise.cash also have a very minimalistic and clean approach. The publishing experience is pretty standard and enables the typical incorporation of links, images, and all the usual enhancements. Although the platform appears rather simplistic it actually incorporates a rather impressive analytics model.

Track Your Post’s Performance

I was pleasantly surprised to see how comprehensive the data in the analytics section is. Publish0x has a fairly decent “Statistics” section but this is actually a lot more detailed. The traditional likes, replies, and impressions are displayed, as well as a few other helpful additions. Publishers can actually view how many follows they received via a particular article. Media engagements are also documented so publishers can get an idea of how effective their CTR is. Clicks on hashtags are also monitored and recorded, giving publishers an idea of what is currently trending and gaining attention.

Image Source – Coinpayu.com

Quite a neat “suite” considering the general expectation, as CoinPayU is in essence a GPT site that also offers ads and faucets. The daily earnings are pretty high, mostly due to a large number of ads being available every 24 hours.

How Relevant Is CoinPayU?

Well, that’s an interesting question because there are now two very different dynamics at work within this platform. We are still to see how Article will be received and utilized. The team has unfortunately been rather “quiet” in regards to the monetization or earning mechanism of Article. Let’s be honest, this is a very important aspect and plays a very large role in whether a platform gains adoption or not. All that is currently evident is that earnings will be received and recorded in BTC. The same principle applies to the existing CoinPayU platform. Even though earnings are recorded in BTC, users can withdraw SOL, MATIC, ADA, and quite a few other altcoins.

Some Interesting Statistics

The CoinPayU website is currently ranked 903 in the world! This is largely due to thousands of users visiting the platform on a daily basis to earn free Crypto. It is likely that Article will help to push CoinPayU further up the global rankings. There are more than 28K unique daily visitors and approximately 650K page views. Revisiting these numbers in a couple of months will probably give a fair indication as to how well Article is performing.

Final Thoughts

Article appears to be an interesting addition to CoinPayU but users are still to receive clarity on how the platform operates in terms of earnings and posting frequency. I am unable to find any terms of use and other typically available information. If CoinPayU was not an already established project I would be rather wary. However, the platform has been operating successfully for years. Whether or not you are wanting to give Article a bash is up to you. The project is still in beta and I am guessing that earnings will only be incorporated at a later stage. I am not sure, that is just my guess, considering the lack of information regarding the earning model.

Well, it’s finally here! Time will tell how Article delivers. Please do your own research if you are wanting to join CoinPayU to earn some free Crypto, or begin publishing on Article. All the best, see you in the next one!

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