Hive & Leofinance – Much More Than An Investment

Economic Constructs

I wrote an article sometime back entitled, “Passive Income Is At The Heart Of Wealth Creation”. Building a passive income to rival or overpower a salary takes a tremendous amount of work. Essentially, it comes down to building and maintaining economic constructs. Hive has what it takes to get this ball rolling. Working within the Hive framework has tremendous potential in relation to what you are able to build and establish. Valuations go up and down in the short to medium term. However, if your view is somewhat longer and you have a vision that incorporates a strategic approach, the price will mean very little to you at this point. It’s about establishing your own economy within a broader economy.

Hive Supersedes The Traditional Investment Approach

Investors generally have to part with their capital in order to gain exposure to an investment. If that investment underperforms or collapses then they incur a significant loss. I can tell you now that there are users on Hive that have never invested a cent of their own capital and yet continue to extract value from the network on a continuous basis. This is because the value they provide in the form of content and contribution is exchanged for tokens. Investors become “shareholders” of the network by powering up and are ultimately able to exchange their contributions into HIVE, LEO, and HBD. There are obviously even more tokens that can be earned by accessing and posting to various tribes. The investor now has multiple ways to invest outside of traditional capital.

Contribution & Value-Based Economy

This is where Hive provides an opportunity for those who are excluded from traditional investment opportunities because they lack capital. If an individual has knowledge or something else of value to contribute, the Hive economy recognizes it and exchanges value for contribution. This model lends itself very well to Web 3 and one can already see how valuable this idea is, even in these formative years.

Expansion Into DeFi & Additional Investment

Members of the community can power up their HIVE and gain even more influence on the platform, as well as branch out into additional investment opportunities within the ecosystem. Making use of HBD savings is just one way to gain more income from revenue-generated content. Exploring the various DeFi opportunities such as CUB and PolyCUB is another option. DeFi does require a certain amount of understanding in relation to strategic ideas. Understanding the DeFi market is imperative to succeeding within it. Many DeFi investors experience initial success, to only later get rekt! That being said, a good opportunity to enter the DeFi space is not too far off.

Multi-Faceted Business Or Side Hustle

In many ways building your presence on Hive through contribution and other investments is like establishing a multi-faceted business. For some, it’s a great side hustle, while for others it is more of an essential stream of income. no matter the motivation, Hive has a lot to offer serious and committed community members. You just can’t help but see the value in Hive!

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