Bear Markets Encourage Growth – A Review Of Personally Experienced Bear Markets & Predictions

The Bear Market of 2015

The majority of newcomers to Crypto usually arrive in the heart of a bull market. All the hype and euphoria tend to consistently attract new players to the market. I chose a rather different time to get involved in Crypto. It was during the bear market of 2015. I had watched Bitcoin from the sidelines since 2010 or so but was not convinced. However, I finally decided in 2015 to do some serious research. To be honest, it was actually Vinny Lingham that sparked my interest. I know Vinny from years ago, so his interest in Bitcoin in particular caught my attention. This was the beginning of a new chapter for me. Bear markets have a way of encouraging committed personality types to dig in and get busy. The more “take what I can get” personality doesn’t tend to last long here.

The Bear Market Of 2018

In the following bear market, I expanded my knowledge somewhat and began working on a trading strategy best suited for a bearish market. I also did a bit of blogging during these early days and became rather fixated with the idea of staking coins. Staking was only really beginning at this point, though there were a few early projects like Peercoin and BlackCoin. These coins are still around but are in essence pretty much dead. This is the period in which I also discovered my love for strategizing and building passive income constructs. Passive income has always been a fascination of mine and Crypto provided the perfect opportunity to work on it.

The Bear Market of 2022

This is an interesting one, as I began preparing for this market in 2021. Even though I was bullish in 2021 I began to shift to bearish strategies. In April of 2021, I made a hefty move to stablecoins. This is documented in a post that I published in May of 2021. As you may be aware, May saw the initial top of the market for Bitcoin. BTC topped out in May at $65K and later at $69K. Another article from May 2021 reveals how I predicted a further collapse. On the 23rd of April, I announced my shift into stablecoins, just a week or two before the initial top in 2021.

In February of 2022, I predicted a new altcoin season six days prior to the bottom for alts. Alts went on to rally well over 70% during the course of February and March. I was however cautious but noted that I had begun accumulation. On the 12th of April, I affirmed my analysis of significant price movements for Bitcoin in May. I had been mentioning this for some months already. Regular readers will be familiar with my term, “Bitcoin Box”, a sideways extended period, which I predicted many months ago.

The reaffirmation of my previous analysis which I reminded my readers of was quite clear and gave fair warning to those paying attention to the market.

That being said, an extension to the downside should also be factored into an extension of the previous range. My expectation has been and continues to be in May, as outlined a few months ago. My expectation is a strong break to the upside towards the end of May. However, that could also be to the downside depending on what transpires closer to the time.

Unfortunately, the market did begin to edge lower, which was evidence that we should brace ourselves for heavy moves down according to my analysis. It is important to note that this “reminder” was posted almost a month before the LUNA event.

I Do Find This Concerning

Crypto analysts have become very much like mainstream media personalities. What they actually say seems to be of little importance. In other words, a prediction is celebrated regardless of whether it is accurate or not. This is exactly why I “ignore the noise” and conduct my own research and analysis. the majority have been wrong more than they have been right. At this point, I pay no attention. My encouragement would be to use this time to become more knowledgeable. Develop your skills and formulate your own approach and interpretation of the market.

Everything in life seems to be a journey. Learn from your mistakes, celebrate your victories, and enjoy the journey. All the Best!

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