LunarCrush – Why It’s Way Better Than You May Think!

A Recent Addition

There are a number of sites and platforms that I visit on a daily basis. Recently, I made the decision to incorporate LunarCrush, a social intelligence service that provides users access to multiple metrics and market data. The LUNR token is currently trading at $0.30 at the time of writing. Users are able to earn free LUNR on a daily basis. Time spent on the site earns users tokens, as well as offering opinions on simple multiple-choice questions. This accumulated data serves to provide predictive insights into the market. Upon joining LunarCrush, I was surprised at how easy it was to actually earn the daily rewards. Obviously, earnings have dropped in dollar terms, due to the overall state of the market. It’s funny how perseverance is always a key ingredient to success. Continued use of this platform has recently seen my earnings jump.

Let Me Explain

Now, these are by no means massive earnings but you have to compare apples with apples. Any platform that provides users a free opportunity to earn some additional Crypto is obviously limited in its capacity and yet the earnings on LunarCrush are relatively good when compared to similar opportunities. For instance, I would much rather earn a token like LUNR than candies on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap. Earning LUNR on level 1 may appear to be rather slow but once you accumulate 30 LUNR you proceed to level 2, which now unlocks weekly earnings. On level 1 users only qualify for daily earnings, which is still great but limited. Moving up the levels will ultimately increase your earning potential on LunarCrush. I can only speak from experience, which leads me to my next point. Since earning 30 LUNR and moving to level 2 I now earn an extra $4 per month utilizing LunarCrush.

Consider The Future Potential

Altcoin prices are all heavily discounted at the moment. Cardano that was above $3 in 2021and is now trading at approximately $0.55! You have to consider the future potential when the market moves into its next bullish phase. Users who choose to make use of LunarCrush and the “social intelligence” insights available on the platform could well be earning an additional $50 to $100 per month in the next bull run. Let me be clear, this is basically the equivalent of being paid to do your daily research and remaining in touch with the market. There is actually quite a lot of data, information, and insights available on the platform.

Incentivized To Hodl Your LUNR

The project aims to encourage LunarCrush users to hold on to their LUNR tokens, as users are required to hold minimum amounts to be eligible for the different levels. The perks and earnings increase along with levels. I am merely speculating that users could be earning $50 to $100 a month in a bull market but it could actually be potentially higher. Lowering the reward in terms of the “coin allocation” could also see the reward drop, which is also something to bear in mind. One could always purchase 500 LUNR and put it to the test. This is the requirement for level 4, which is the highest level available on the platform. Utilizing the platform to its full potential will ultimately reveal your daily and weekly earnings.

LunarCrush Coin Of The Day

Utilizing social intelligence, LunarCrush release a daily prediction of which coin appears primed for a move up. This signal is available to all users. I have personally not made use of this “trade idea” but have heard others mention that there is a fair level of accuracy to these predictions. LunarCrush is not a platform that I obsess over, I visit it daily, provide my opinions and just watch my LUNR balance grow. As mentioned, my earnings are moving a lot faster now that I am on level 2. I am rather interested to see what will happen at level 3, as I am almost halfway there!

Final Thoughts

LunarCrush is a great app to have on your phone or desktop. You have the opportunity to earn free Crypto over time. There is no need to make sure you are always using it, as each 24-hour period is unique and offers fresh rewards. So, missing a day or two is not a big deal at all. It’s also a great time to be accumulating free Crypto as prices are extremely low.

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