One Of The Best Passive Income Opportunities

A Hefty 6% Per Month

Most people in Crypto are either aware of or making use of the dividend structure within the BetFury platform. I view BetFury exclusively as an investment opportunity and am not really interested in actual gambling. I have been consistently generating a passive income stream from this platform for a couple of years now and view it as one of the most stable and reliable earners I have. When you consider the initial investment capital relative to the daily dividend rewards, the return is approximately 6% per month. This number can actually fluctuate due to market valuations of the BFG token, as well as BTC and the other alts that make up the reward package. For a long time, I was realizing approximately 9% but due to markets being somewhat compressed, that has since stabilized lower but could increase again.

Buying your BFG tokens in a heavy market dip will also help to push that number up, provided there is a bounce that sustains and not just further downward action. These are returns that are generally seen in the DeFi space, as annually, the APR would be in the region of 70%! In my opinion, the risk is actually somewhat lower than DeFi.

A Great Token To Hold

Earning dividends by simply holding BFG tokens on the BetFury platform is one of my most trusted ways to earn passive income. Dividends are paid out and credited every 24 hours, making it a really reliable stream of income. Provided your dividends are significant enough, you could actually withdraw your daily earnings each day. This is great to have as spending and emergency money, or as a long-term investment. Earning BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, and TRX as dividends is a great way to be rewarded. It’s way better than earning a token, or tokens that will simply just devalue. For me, gaining more BFG tokens is a guaranteed way to keep earning dividends and increase my passive earnings.

A minimum of only 10 BFG is required in order to begin earning daily dividends and is actually freely available on the platform. BetFury Boxes are faucets that issue users free Crypto every 20 minutes. Users can claim BFG, BTC, and BNB, which they can, in turn, withdraw or use on the platform.

Outside Assistance

I recently came across this earning platform that pays out in BFG tokens! Those looking for ways to gather free BFG can make use of the BetFury faucets, as well as this platform. The faucet can be played every 5 minutes, which is great as you can in essence claim anytime you remember. This is another one that I have chosen to have open on my laptop, along with Satoshi Monster. I claim randomly throughout the day while I am busy on the laptop. There are also daily PTC ads and other earning opportunities available. It is definitely a way to get started and begin earning those great dividends.

Acquiring BFG Tokens

The BFG token is a BEP20 so the transaction costs are very low, making it easy to earn smaller amounts and move them onto the BetFury platform. Biswap is a good choice for buying BFG, as you earn BSW tokens for every trade that you execute on the DEX. The BSW reimbursement can be as high as 90% but is usually a very minimal amount and understandably so. It’s a great incentive but at the same time, it has to be realistic.


Dividends can also be used to buy more BFG tokens and ultimately build up a passive income stream for later on. I am personally not currently exercising this approach but have done so in the past. Whichever way you choose to utilize this opportunity, it is definitely a solid choice in my opinion. It is important to check, as some countries do not permit “gambling”. BetFury is therefore not available in certain jurisdictions. Do your own research and proceed accordingly.

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