Hive & Leofinance – Organic or Investment?

A Bit Of A Purist

Perhaps it is because of my life experience, especially within the “working world”, that I have developed a view I perceive as quite sacred. A view that the path you forge for yourself is the path that leads to further reward and accomplishment. I have witnessed many receive a “position” in life that they never earned, or worked their way towards. I am strongly opposed to the idea of “wealth transfer” without qualification and by that, I am not speaking of a degree.

True Accomplishment

I am speaking of being found faithful and efficient, to a point where promotion is the only logical move. This has however caused me to think about Hive and Leofinance and whether or not I should simply invest to increase my voting power and ultimately give myself a boost.

Not All Victories Are Equal

For the majority, I suppose it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you do. As long as you have that muscle within the platform, is all that matters. For me, it’s not that simple. For me, a victory would be growing an account from zero with zero capital allocation. It would be something I could look back on, especially as an encouragement for future challenges.

What Would This Mean?

Why would this be so important, apart from the fact that it is the only way to grow your reputation. You can in essence purchase your HP and subsequently, your voting weight. However, you cannot purchase your reputation.

What this would imply is that the value of your account is solely measured by your contribution. It’s kind of like being born a citizen with full rights, compared to someone purchasing citizenship through property investment. The value of a Hive or Leo account built this way is evidence of a history of contribution and providing value.

Direct Link

There is a direct link between the monetary/voting weight and the contribution of such an account. This is worlds apart from simply purchasing a truckload of HP. From what I experienced back in 2017, Steemit was very much like that. Guys triggered their traction by an initial investment. They then went on to build a reputation by using a stage that they purchased and did not build.

Valid Point

It can be argued that there is nothing wrong with this approach, as the platform enables such a strategy. Sure, if that is how you wish to do it, you can but you will still need to build a reputation. I don’t have too much of a problem with this approach, provided it is within certain parameters. However, I view the alternative as a much superior way. It may take much longer and require a lot of work but it is more sound.

Enhancing Organic Growth

I suppose a better approach, in my opinion, would be to supplement growth over time. Building your account is definitely a better idea, as opposed to “buying” it. However, rewarding your efforts is also a good approach. You could always decide to meet your own efforts with a further 10% or 20% allocation.

For example, if you earned 1000 LEO for the month, invest a complimentary 100 or 200 LEO. This would also serve as an encouragement for you to excel and build your account faster. This helps you build a foundation and be grounded within the community.

Connections & Relationships

This is also the way to build true connections in the ecosystem. You subscribe to certain users because they speak your language. You get to share ideas, projections, and strategies amongst one other. This takes place at a point of engagement, an action that reaches beyond an upvote.

True Web3 Value Allocation

For me, the true value lies within the contribution of the person. The knowledge, the insight, and the wealth that they bring to the platform each day. The value comes from within the network, not from exterior investment. The contribution “makes a demand” on the existing value within the network.

That is where I would like to leave it. How much of a demand is your contribution making on the existing value within Hive and Leofinance?

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