How To Set Up Polygon On Metamask

Essential For DeFi

If you are utilizing the wonderful world of DeFi then you are probably quite familiar with Metamask, a browser extension. Metamask is a non-custodial wallet that can simultaneously be utilized to authorize and sign transactions on DeFi platforms and smart contracts. The great thing about Metamask is that you can add multiple chains and therefore simply swap between wallets when operating on different chains.

This is why I use Metamask, as I can simplify operations. For instance, when using Solana-based DeFi protocols, you have to make use of a wallet such as There is no compatibility yet for SOL on Metamask, which means you have to have another extension to operate SOL-based protocols. This would be the case for many chains if Metamask was not compatible with multiple chains.

A lot of BSC users will be looking to add Polygon, as CubFinance is about to launch an airdrop for users that are staking CUB in their Kingdoms vault. The airdrop will last 60 days and looks to be extremely rewarding for CUB holders.

Creating Your Own Polygon Metamask Wallet

If you do not already have a Metamask Wallet, you can download the extension from the official Metamask website. You can import a wallet, or create a new wallet. Once you have your wallet installed, simply click on the “Networks” button. This is displayed below where the current network is displayed as BSC.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the window and select “Custom RPC” as displayed in the screenshot below.

After selecting “Custom RPC”, you will see a window displayed as in the screenshot below.

What you need to do now is to enter the following information in the appropriate spaces.

Once you have entered and checked your information, simply click save! I always advise sending some MATIC over to your wallet just to test that everything is working correctly. The transaction fee is extremely low, so it makes sense to ensure everything is perfect.

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