Hi Dollar & It’s Amazing Daily Rewards – Is It Legit?

So What Is Hi Dollar & Who Is Behind The Project?

Hi Dollar hit the Crypto space a few months ago and has since reached in excess of 1 million users. Hi Dollar is a token based monetary system that aims to allow users to transfer funds via already utilized mobile apps such as Whatsapp, Telegram and Viber. There is no actual Hi Dollar app, thus allowing users to operate within the structures of already large and utilized systems and networks. The team aims to onboard 1 billion users in the next 2 years and looking at how easy it is to join, they might actually secure a fair chunk of that. The Hi token is currently an ERC20 token but that looks set to change sometime in the future. The referral program is also quite attractive, which will inevitably play a very significant part in growing this community. We will take a closer look at the referral program and daily rewards later on, as this is the current draw card in my opinion.

Even though there does seem to be a bit of a pyramid feel to this project, there are some real heavy weights involved here. Stefan Rust is the former CEO of Bitcoin.com and has joined up with a handful of other very influential names in the Crypto space. Sean Rach, the former CMO of Crypto.com is also involved and specializes in marketing and is passionate about FinLit. Stefan and Sean appear to be the face of Hi, with Sean leading the way with social media interaction amongst the community.


It does seem strange that such prominent figures would risk their reputation by launching a scam project, which does provide some hope to there actually being some substance here. Doing some research online, proved that these team members are indeed legit in terms of being real people who have actually achieved the accomplishments stated by Hi Dollar.  Personally, I would not invest in purchasing Hi tokens and fortunately I don’t actually need to! This is where the daily rewards come in!

Daily Rewards & Referral Program

So, in order to join Hi and start earning daily rewards, one only needs to join via Telegram or Whatsapp. Viber and other apps are soon to be added as additional alternatives. There is only KYC required for withdrawals and can be done on the Web App at a later stage. Users can in the meantime accumulate Hi Dollars for free every 24 hours. Claiming the daily reward of 1 Hi Dollar literally only takes about 10 sec each day and is why I reckon its worth the time. Currently, 1 Hi Dollar is valued at $0.87 and has been as high as approximately $1.20, which is great for the amount of time needed to earn it. Even if Hi Dollar fails, 10 seconds a day is no real loss. On the other hand, if it succeeds users are able to easily stack large amounts of Hi over time. 


Currently, free rewards are locked up for a 12 month period in order to protect the price from dumping. Hi can alternatively be purchased on UniSwap and staked as well. Like I said earlier, I am only comfortable earning my free Hi at this stage until time in the market enables us to have a clearer picture regarding the future of this project. After a year from launch, I suspect there will be sell pressure as early adopters will be cashing in. Hopefully by this time, there will be more confidence and buy pressure as a result of staking and actually using Hi as cash. 

This is where the team has to perform and create a powerful use case and validity for their token. Time will tell I suppose and one can only wait it out. Currently the Hi token trades approximately $200k per day, which indicates that despite free daily tokens, there are actually buyers in the market.


The referral program is pretty decent as well, which rewards you 0.5 Hi of every 1 Hi earned by your referrals. This can also add up over time. As I mentioned earlier, zero investment required, compounded by a few seconds a day is worth the risk in my book. I would definitely advise you to do some research, even if you are only choosing to earn free Hi. 

This is by no means investment advice but me simply sharing an opportunity that came across my path recently. Thanks for the read, see you soon!

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