Selling Your Unused Bandwidth For Crypto?

Yet Another Opportunity

This might not necessarily be something that everyone would consider, but for those looking to monetize their unused bandwidth, there are a couple of opportunities out there worth considering. Many are open to the idea of setting up small passive income streams that can be used to accumulate Crypto over the long term. What is quite attractive about this particular idea is that these opportunities enable you to earn in dollars, while withdrawing in Crypto. This allows users to protect their earnings while working towards the withdrawal threshold. In other words, a heavy correction in the Crypto market is not going to eat away at the earnings you have already accrued. Simultaneously, one is also able to wait for an appropriate moment to cash out. Taking advantage of a heavy correction enables users to receive more coins and ultimately increase their holdings over time.

It All Adds Up

While the earning potential is not enormous, it is passive and once set up, continues to generate Crypto for users. Depending on a number of factors, users can expect to earn an additional $2 to $15 per month selling their unused bandwidth to companies such as Honeygain and Peer2Profit. Many are most likely familiar with Honeygain but I have found that Peer2Profit is actually way more attractive, due to the easily attainable withdrawal threshold. Those utilizing Honeygain will be aware of the withdrawal limit being a little steep. Users need to accumulate a balance of $20 in order to qualify for withdrawal. Peer2Profit, on the other hand, now offers withdrawals from as low as $1! Many of the withdrawal options on Peer2Profit are set at $2 but the introduction of TRX has allowed users to withdraw earnings from as little as a dollar! This also enables users to test the service while being able to experience the withdrawal process in a relatively short amount of time.

Accumulation In A Bear Market

Using multiple opportunities such as these and others can see users stack up a fair amount of passive Crypto over time. When you factor in the significant discount of a bear market, these modest amounts can really grow significantly in the next bull market. One can also use these Crypto earnings to purchase micro-caps that show future potential. This particular approach can be extremely viable, if well-executed. Cardano, a top Crypto project produced more than a 10.000% return from the previous bear market low to the previous cycle top. Remember, micro-caps that succeed, outperform the returns of larger projects such as Cardano. When you consider that these earnings are passive and are likely to appreciate significantly over time, it becomes even more of an obvious move. This then is yet another way to accumulate Crypto during a bear market without incurring “financial risk”, so to speak.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, it’s perhaps not a model suited to everyone, but for those who are comfortable, it’s an additional effortless Crypto income source. Please conduct your own research and ensure you are comfortable with the workings involved. Always remember that this is not investment advice but merely me sharing my experiences as I journey the Cryptoverse.

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