The Daymak Spiritus – Crypto mining Electric Vehicle

Recaptured My Attention

I came across the Daymak Spiritus back in 2021 and was somewhat impressed by the idea of incorporating a Crypto mining rig into an electric vehicle. Let’s be honest, it’s a great idea and one that I have really come to like. For the same price as a small entry-level Toyota or Hyundai, one can purchase a car and a mining rig all in one! The entire package is rather attractive, especially as the vehicle has a recharge time period of approximately two hours! The mining vehicle also has solar recharging capabilities, enabling it to recharge while it is standing in a parking lot. The vehicle is a three-wheeler but strangely enough does not look that bad. For a three-wheeler, it is actually rather stylish.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, this is debatable, as the Spirtus initially entered the market at $19 995 but appears to be currently priced at $22 995. I guess it’s a case of the “early bird gets the worm”, or the best price! To be clear, the vehicle is not on sale as of yet but it can be preordered. The Spiritus can also be purchased with Crypto, making it rather obvious that the vehicle is very much aimed at the Crypto community. When you consider that as an owner of one of these machines, you are earning Crypto every day, it actually transforms a liability into an investment.

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Cars are generally liabilities due to them losing value over time, especially initially. Drive a brand new car off the showroom floor and try and sell it shortly thereafter. You will immediately realize how much value is lost in such a short time frame. This is especially true when you consider that there is actually zero wear and tear!

What Can Spiritus Owners Expect To Mine On A Daily Basis

According to the Daymak founder, Aldo Baiocchi, the Spiritus could mine anywhere between $5 and $12 a day. This is obviously dependent on Crypto prices, which could cause this figure to fluctuate. It is interesting to note that when Aldo made this statement BTC was trading at approximately $44K. What is really going to be the decider here is the actual electrical consumption and cost to recharge. Once the Spiritus has been released it will be a great idea to seek out reviews where all of these factors can be taken into account. Currently, any review is simply opinion. Potential Spiritus owners will be able to gain a more accurate overview once the vehicle is available to the public.

Vehicle Performance

The Spiritus can cover a range of up to 400 kilometers, which is quite a healthy amount, especially for daily travel. From zero to 60 MPH in a mere 1.8 seconds makes the Ultimate model extremely zooty! This is the fully loaded model and comes at a much higher price tag of $149K. The Deluxe model which we are taking a look at will reach 60 MPH in 5 seconds, which is good enough. The Spiritus also sports a GPS alarm system as well as a backup camera! The interior looks extremely comfortable and the mining screen display can be seen to the right of the driver’s seat as displayed below.

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Considering the use case and motivation behind this vehicle, Daymak appears to have built a very impressive solution. Manufactured in Canada, Daymak has a lot of experience creating micro electric vehicles. This is a comfort in that it is not just some random company trying to create a Crypto mining vehicle. Their vehicles already have a good reputation and track record.


Converting a liability into a Crypto producing asset is in line with the “shift” that is currently unfolding. A shift that seeks to monetize absolutely everything. I love this idea and am quite keen to see how it performs. The best and most accurate review will obviously come from an actual Spiritus owner, so we wait in anticipation!

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