Remint Network – Traditional Real Estate & The Metaverse Merge

Crypto & Real Estate Fusion

Over the past couple of years, we have seen how projects such as RealT and others have chosen to incorporate blockchain technology into their business models. Tokenization is a very powerful idea and when you look at the concept behind a project such as RealT it is rather attractive. The RealT type model enables those who are perhaps excluded from the property market, a way to still be exposed to it. I must admit, I was initially quite interested in RealT but after some thoughtful research, decided to wait. I know a lot of people are really bullish on the real estate sector. I personally am waiting for a real estate correction/crash before I will consider it. Many are simply following an old “wisdom” and blindly investing in property. Past performance has become indicative of future performance, which to me, indicates a cause for concern. However, finding free ways to gain exposure to this sector via Crypto opportunities is a different story. I always look to hedge my views. I always set up investment ideas that counter my own views.

The Main Goal & Objective Of Remint

Remint aims to simplify real estate transactions and investments. The platform being built will facilitate transactions for purchasing and renting real estate. Users will be able to invest in various real estate projects and earn directly into their wallet or Remint debit card. The app is currently live and users are able to earn 0.6 Remint every hour. This is part of phase one, where users are able to “mine” Remint tokens. The reward will decrease in phase two, and again in phase three. This is the app and not the actual platform, which is still under construction. Remint is also launching a metaverse project, which is why I am also quite keen to stack up as many Remint tokens as I can in the meantime.

Earning Remint Tokens

Once you have downloaded the app you will be able to commence the mining of tokens. Utilizing this link with the code F5IOU5JR will generate a bonus of 10 Remint tokens. Mining of the Remint token is completely passive apart from requiring activation every 24 hours. I am currently earning 0.6 tokens every hour. This amount can increase by referring additional members.

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There is also a daily task that rewards users with 5 Remint. Users can also gain additional tokens via the “Bonus” feature. Remint offers users another effortless way to generate some free Crypto while they wait for the complete launch of the project.

A Large Community

While I was doing a bit of research on Remint I was surprised to see that the community on Twitter is well over 55K followers. The community is kept engaged by numerous giveaways and prizes, and engaged it is! Posts generally have a very high interaction rate, even those that are not competition or prize-related. Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram also sport fairly large communities. Looking at the interaction and attention this project is receiving in these early stages is quite encouraging and even impressive! I will keep tabs on Remint while I continue to mine tokens in anticipation of some great opportunities in the future.


As with everything, nothing is guaranteed but with opportunities like Remint, there is nothing much to lose. I have so many apps that I trigger on my phone every day, another one definitely won’t hurt. I always encourage you to do your own research, even in cases where zero investment is required. Thanks for checking out Remint with me today! Hope to see you in the next one!

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