Why I Have Decided To Play RollerCoin – It’s Not What You Think!

A Relaxing Weekend

I have recently decided to try and work less over the weekends and if possible, not at all. I have a tendency to sometimes get a little carried away and so am aiming at toning it down a little. Even if I worked 24/7 there would always be something to do, which ultimately means that I have to set some boundaries. Anyway, this relaxed vibe allowed me to play a few games on RollerCoin. To be honest, I have never really explored this platform and so decided to play a few games. Strangely enough, it was quite enjoyable and reminded me of my younger gaming days. I was actually enjoying advancing in my “skills” and simultaneously seeing my mining power increasing. Season 4 has also just recently commenced, so there are a lot of free rewards and miners to be claimed over the next two months or so.

An Exercise Often Neglected

Eating well and exercising are very important habits to develop, as they ultimately increase your life expectancy, as well as your quality of life. Keeping the brain agile is also very important and can assist in the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Playing games can also help to better your attention capacity, decision-making skills, and other important functionalities that stem directly from the brain. There have been a lot of recent studies that confirm this and it appears as if there really are mental/physical benefits to gaming. Looking at what a recent study concluded, gaming is a powerful tool for cognitive training.

Research has shown that experience of playing video games can improve cognitive development such as greater sensitivity to contrasts, better eye-to-hand coordination and superior memory.

This and other data have encouraged me to add a 30-minute daily session of RollerCoin to my schedule. The Crypto I end up earning will be an added benefit. An average game lasts approximately 45 seconds and there are currently 11 games to choose from.

A Few Tips

Winning games will allow you to upgrade your PC. I upgraded to the highest level PC on the first day. This enables your mining power to last seven days. Usually, mining power acquired by playing games only lasts 24 hours. What this now means is that whatever power you are able to attain in seven days will remain at that level, provided you play for the same amount of time each day. In other words, if I play for 30 minutes each day and gather the same amount of mining power it will remain at that level. If you fail to play within a 24 hour period your PC will be reset back to the standard entry-level model. You also want to avoid playing games where the rewards are low. Currently, the best games to play are Cryptonoid, Token Blaster, Crypto Hamster, and Token Surfer.

Image Source – Rollercoin.com

It is important to note that purchased miners will mine continuously forever, or as long as RollerCoin is operational. One just needs to recharge the electricity once every five days. This is free and just ensures that those earning passive income from miners are still interactive in a small way.

My 30 Minute Gaming Break

I will be looking to keep my mind engaged and help to promote my cognitive abilities by playing for a mere 30 minutes a day. Any Crypto I earn will most likely remain in RollerCoin to purchase miners. I have noticed that although the “earning” dynamic is quite slow initially, it does pick up with loyalty. Mining power begins to compound, free drops are issued from time to time in the form of free miners and parts, which can be used to craft your own miners. As mentioned earlier, Season 4 has 54 days remaining in which time there are a lot of guaranteed prizes, even for free users.

Final Thoughts

For those utilizing faucets to accumulate small amounts of Crypto, you might find RollerCoin a little more exciting, as solving captchas is not the most stimulating exercise. If you decide to join me with a daily “mind exercise” routine, ensure that you make use of a referral link, as it will reward you with 0.00001000 BTC on signing up. Registering via this link will credit your account with 1000 sats! For interest sakes, I did a rough calculation of what the top earner is generating with his mining power per day. It obviously depends on what he is actually mining but the rough estimate is in the region of $80 per day. See you in the next edition and thanks for reading!

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