Leofinance – A Realistic Look At Where We Are In The Journey

New Projects Are Always Exciting

The launch of PolyCUB has been rather exciting, especially from a tokenomics point of view. How it plays out long-term is still anyone’s guess. With the price of PolyCUB rebounding to the dollar zone after briefly hitting $0.67, it has managed to surprise many. The true test however is once the APRs start to really come off their highs. This is the time that traditional DeFi investors move out and seek the next opportunity. In the case of PolyCUB, this is where the tokenomics are intended to set it apart from other projects. This is where the rubber begins to hit the road and we will see exactly how the community is interpreting the value proposition. At this stage, it is still very much the community that is making up the market. Expansion beyond the community is imperative for the true success of Leofinance and PolyCUB.

More So For PolyCUB

Expansion beyond the borders of the current community will have a significant effect. However, this is more the case for PolyCUB than it is for Leofinance in my opinion. Leofinance currently works well to accomplish its purpose, although further growth would definitely be amazing. Committed LEO community members are currently being rewarded and continue to participate in an economy that they foresee achieving a greater degree of growth and success. I think PolyCUB is more reliant upon “outside interest” than Leofinance is and this is largely due to the dynamics. Leofinance runs on a dual model of investment and contribution, whereas PolyCUB is heavily reliant upon investment/ liquidity. The two projects are different yet within the same economy.

Leofinance is the core and as such has more to gain from the success of PolyCUB, rather than the other way around. Both these projects, as well as CUB, require time, attention, and marketing. When you look at the market cap associated with these different projects you can clearly see that there is tremendous potential, opportunity, and growth in store, provided everyone keeps pushing!

Foundations Take Time

Even though Leofinance has grown in terms of CUB and PolyCUB, we are still in the early stages of building and developing this economy. As a participant, you need to understand and embrace that fact. There is still a way to go and in many ways, a lot lies in the hands of the community. Marketing and development lie with Khal and the team, whereas investing and contributing our time and resources is imperative to actually warrant what is being built and further encourage marketing and other expansion ideas. It’s interesting to note that those who have committed themselves to this project as a whole are already benefiting at the foundational stages. You have to ask yourself how powerful it will be for them when this ship is really sailing! I think for the most part many are committed and willing to travel the road, which is why Leofinance is still growing and expanding. We do however need more like-minded Crypto enthusiasts joining the ranks.

When I think about the future of Leofinance, I see growth and stability. I also currently envision it taking some time. Increased adoption and aggressive marketing could however change that quite significantly.

Being Early Is A Blessing

You can always live in anticipation of that day, or you can choose to position yourself so as to better benefit when that day arrives. Once a project succeeds everyone wishes they could return to the early days and subsequently “make bank”. However, when the opportunity was at hand they ignored it. In my opinion, early adopters deserve the rewards of patience, diligence, and unwavering commitment. Speculators generally catch the tail end of a success story. Sure, they make some decent money but the true winners are those who were there at the beginning.

I recently posted that I have not sold any CUB or PolyCUB and that is the way it will be for some time, at least for me. I am really not interested in the short-term swings, dips, dumps, or pumps. I will just continue contributing to the ecosystem and hopefully, many more will join me.

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