Hive – Expansion Brings Traction

Finding Its Place

Hive is currently one of the most undervalued projects in the Crypto space right now. This has however not deterred Hivers from their conviction and belief in the Hive blockchain. For many, including myself, being under the radar just provides more time to build something meaningful. Even though HIVE managed to briefly touch a billion-dollar market cap in 2021, it would still not be at fair market value if it were still trading in that range. This is obviously my own opinion and interpretation. There is just so much utility within the network. It is an extremely busy ecosystem with a lot going on!

Much More Than A Blogging Platform

Even though Hive was born from Steemit and originally took on a similar approach and purpose, Hive has since grown significantly in a very short amount of time. When you look at the Play2Earn aspect of the ecosystem, you can see the tremendous growth that has taken place. Demand is so very important for a blockchain and is often directly linked to use case. A large ecosystem that is overrun by users taking advantage of a full range of products and services is exactly what you want to see. A study of the ecosystem will reveal just that about Hive, it’s busy, it’s growing and it’s evolving.

One Dollar Hive – The New Standard

During the recent price surge, many actually believed that HIVE would not be able to hold the dollar mark and would subsequently drop right back down again. What we have seen of late is that HIVE is actually behaving quite similar to HBD, in that it seems to be gravitating towards a dollar. At the time of writing, HIVE is currently trading at $1.05. The ecosystem seems to consistently draw attention to its native token as it expands and can only mean one thing!

The Next Standard

Expansion is ultimately providing much-needed traction for HIVE to push higher and reach a new and higher plateau. Whether that will be $1.50 or $2 remains to be seen. What is however quite clear is that Hive has spent time becoming established, by providing what people are looking for in a decentralized chain. On top of that, there is such a variety of utilities on Hive that it is becoming quite difficult to remain abreast of things.

When I speak of the next plateau, I am not suggesting a price spike to a higher level. I am actually speaking of a new and higher trading range that is actually established and set through prolonged trading activity within that range.

There Comes A Time

In every chain or ecosystem that succeeds, there comes a time when its foundational achievements begin to carry significant power and influence. It is at this point that the price moves in multiples of itself. Nobody knows where this point is, as it is unique to each project. What is clear though, is that it happens suddenly! At some point, all that is currently taking place on Hive will compound into an explosive move.

I don’t know when this will be. I am however extremely convinced that it will happen, sooner or later.

Don’t Try To Catch It

In this investment approach, one is not trying to catch a wave, similar to a trade. It is more like building a mall in the next shopping capital of the world. This is all about building and preparation. There will come a time when you will wish you did more, trust me! Dedication, commitment, and patience are generally very difficult practices to apply. Consider the end and find encouragement in what that will mean for you!

See you in the next edition and Thanks for giving of your time to journey along.

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