Looking Back

With all the negativity in the air regarding the macro environment, as well as a full-blown Crypto bear market, it’s good to think back on one’s own Crypto journey. I suppose for newcomers it can be a bit of a “sad story”. However, time spent in this market does tend to be rather rewarding over the long term. No matter how much money you throw at this market you can’t escape the dynamic of time. You can’t “buy your way” when it comes to time in the market. Even wealthy investors are beginning to realize this. Those with money often think that they can bypass certain hurdles, but not here! This is another aspect that I really enjoy about the Hive ecosystem. You may be able to invest truck loads in order to increase your HP, but you can’t buy your reputation rating. This is built over time by being active and engaged within the community. No system is perfect, but Hive appears to have one of the better-designed “economies”.

How Far We Have Come

When you consider the humble beginnings of Bitcoin, it is truly amazing to see all that has been built over the past 13 years. Not only in the Bitcoin world but Crypto as a whole. The sector has experienced tremendous growth and adoption in such a short time. Being a part of this “story” has been truly rewarding in so many ways. The financial reward has been staggering, but so have been all the achievements and victories along the way. Overcoming numerous bans and finding a place amongst institutional investors has been a tremendous victory, despite the negative consequences that are likely to follow. Unfortunately, if we are to see global adoption, we must sacrifice certain “ideals”. This will always be the case. The only ones who get to have their cake and eat it are government entities.

A Personal Reflection

Crypto has been my most financially rewarding endeavor. It has also been rewarding in so many other ways too. Being involved with something that began as an idea and is now changing the world is also extremely rewarding and encouraging. It’s almost a privilege to have been involved with Crypto during its formative years. Having gained a fair amount of knowledge and understanding over the years has also been something that I interpret as extremely valuable. Having the knowledge of how to create wealth is even more valuable than being wealthy. Many individuals attain wealth, only to later lose it. If you have the applicable knowledge, you can simply recreate your wealth, while those who lack this “understanding” are not so fortunate.

Momentary Pain

Considering all that I have endured and experienced in this market, I am convinced that it is still the best bet going forward. Momentary pain is inconsequential when I consider future prospects. Pain is also a tremendous opportunity for the brave of heart. Even though many abandon Crypto during these bearish seasons, I understand that it is a two-edged sword. Yes, my current Crypto holdings will incur temporal loss but newly acquired assets will also see tremendous upside in the years to come. The fact that BlackRock is now in the picture also brings a tremendous amount of confidence. Once certain “players” are in, there subsequently comes confidence and further reassurance of future prospects.

Final Thoughts

If you are battling to maintain a healthy outlook during these uncertain times, take a moment. Consider all that you have experienced, the tremendous gains over the years, as well as all that you have learned. Even if Crypto went to zero, all that I have experienced and gained has been worth it. It’s been an incredible journey this far, despite sometimes being in deep dark valleys. As with everything, this too shall pass! See you in the next one!

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