Human Incompetence – Blockchain’s Biggest Selling Point

Constant Degradation

“Always look for the positive in every situation”, is a mindset that I have always held to. However, in modern society, it seems as if human effort, intelligence, and the application of “knowledge” are becoming more and more scarce. This is actually a lot more saddening than many may realize. Technology is booming and advancing at an alarming rate while human intelligence and intellect appear to be on a significant decline. When the creator becomes inferior to the creation. I think that this is the tragedy that Albert Einstein predicted many years ago. When you strip down his statement, the above can be seen as the essence of what he predicted. Current “voices” have warned of the destructive power of AI. Humans are in essence submitting themselves to technology. What does this mean, and how will it affect us all?

An Inevitable Shift

Despite the risks, a shift to “systems” that are run and organized via the blockchain is the only way that we avoid a complete structural collapse. Given, that this would take some time to unwind, it is the eventual destination. Perhaps, you are sheltered from experiencing the absolute failure of systems being run and operated by people. People don’t want to work; if they do, the job is not done correctly. In many cases, it is not even done! Unacceptable breaks in communication, logistics, and basic outworkings are way too prevalent for a successfully run society and economy. DAOs and blockchain-based systems are able to eradicate a lot of human error that is currently so frustrating. “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The time is fast approaching when it will become necessary to implement systems and structures that actually work. Many have said that blockchain is a far superior way of getting “things done”. What they may perhaps have not considered is that it will eventually become a necessity.

It’s Everywhere

Unless you are looking out for something, chances are you won’t find it. Being involved in Crypto has me constantly aware of the current failings and simultaneously aware of how blockchain could fix them. The term, “Bitcoin fixes this”, has been overplayed. However, there is still a lot of truth to it! Bitcoin and blockchain in general can remove a lot of friction and failure, given the opportunity. As blockchain-based systems are adopted and incorporated, the technology will eventually be seen as a superior and effective alternative. It’s inevitable! It might not necessarily play out as many envision, but I believe it will play out, one way or the other. This is where many of us are trying to position ourselves for an outcome that we believe is on the horizon. Many of us have also been expecting this for many years and continue to anticipate a “revolution” if you will.

Revolutions Are Part Of History

History paints a picture of significant change taking place in society, economies, and technology over time. These are commonly known as revolutions and are part and parcel of human development and advancement. It is quite clear to anyone who has stopped to ponder where we are in terms of change and improvement. We are standing at a precipice… change is no longer an option.

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