Is Hive The Manhattan of Web 3?

The Essence Of A Hive Account

The blockchain is a “digital land” where anyone can begin building. If we compare what is built on top of blockchains to what is built on top of physical land, we have a somewhat similar result. Essentially, we have a physical property and digital property. That’s right, a Hive account is nothing like a Facebook account. Sure, you can reach an audience on Facebook but that’s about it. Your account is the property of Facebook, which means it can get shut down without fair warning or reason. In the land of Hive, the value you contribute is the value you create. Even though anyone is free to build on Hive, it’s an endeavor that is still going to cost you. Those who are prepared to “get busy” will likely see an excellent return on their efforts in the coming time.

What’s The Alternative

Whether you create video content, or simply blog, Hive is the only real viable opportunity in my opinion. Look at the failure of platforms like Odysee. Even though there is a fair amount of content and activity on the LBRY blockchain, the token is dead. LBRY is trading at $0.019 at the time of writing. Perhaps, in time, once the effects of the recent SEC probe have been forgotten, we can see some sort of recovery. Even though earnings on Hive have dropped, there is still a level of stability, unlike many other alternatives. What performs well in a bear market often performs really well in a bull market. We have seen this in the past performance of BNB and are likely to see it again, as it is outperforming BTC yet again during this bear market. Currently, Hive is the most logical and attractive destination.

A Digital Manhattan

It is quite likely that as time passes, Hive will be seen as the “place to be” when it comes to building a presence, as well as an income source. HIVE trumps BTC when it comes to the idea of digital property. The appreciation of physical property is only one aspect of its allure. Being able to rent out the physical property for additional income is the other dynamic. Even though one can choose to secure an income via lending, we have all witnessed how dangerous that can be. That is why a pure POS concept is superior when earning additional yield on your digital assets, or “properties”. Hive is an unparalleled opportunity to build something of value over time. Something that also has an income dynamic incorporated into the package.

Final Thoughts

A decentralized protocol that provides true ownership, as well as an income model, sounds like a dream come true to any blogger. This is the reality of Hive, and while nothing is guaranteed, Hive definitely appears to have the upper hand in this “race”. This is why I am beginning to see Hive as a digital Manhattan, a destination of eventual desire!

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