Building The Hive Dream

A Slow Start

I was present back in 2016 or 2017 when Steemit launched but I only spent a very short time on the platform. I found it was heavily manipulated by whales in terms of self-enrichment. There are whales on Hive but I find their behavior to be a lot healthier. In other words, many whales like taskmaster4450 and onealpha.leo often reward and upvote articles that are not able to do likewise. They are endeavoring to promote what they view as good or helpful content. They also want to see those who are working to build Hive see some sort of reward. It’s also a two-way street, as a whale needs volume to swim in. A whale wants to swim in ever-expanding seas and not in a restricted aquarium. They understand the balance. I don’t have much power at this stage of the game but I like to try and upvote content that I think deserves it, regardless of account size.

The Dream

I created a new account after the Hive fork a few years ago and have been slowly plugging away. I enjoy a challenge and even though my account growth has been fairly slow, I have not been deterred from pushing on. I have also tried to be as consistent as possible. Sometimes a daily post is not possible but I do try to make up for it by posting two or three articles on isolated occasions. In reflection, I still see Hive as one of the most viable opportunities in Crypto at the moment. I have addressed these “selling points” on multiple occasions and still think that they are applicable and valid. My Hive Dream or Goal is to simply grow my account as much as possible over the years. I know I am big on having a plan and strategic approach but my strategy on Hive is fairly simple. Remain consistent, keep producing content, and rely entirely on organic and natural growth.


Leofinance is my primary community within the Hive ecosystem and I am quite excited to see where LEO can go in the next bull run. Value exists where people assign value. This is a principle I believe will at some stage or another be the catalyst that propels LEO. Attracting more and more users that continue to publish valuable content will ultimately create a “treasure” of Crypto resources and opportunities. DeFi still has to mature a lot and on top of that, we are in a bear market. Don’t be looking to these ventures to be generating meaningful returns right now. These projects require support, adoption, and faith at this stage of the game. By contributing and investing you are helping to build this “economy”.

Good Things Take Time

Just as establishing this Hive economy will take time, experiencing personal growth and reward within this network also requires time. Those who believe that a couple of months of committed posting and engagement is all that is needed to establish themselves are quickly disappointed. This is very much a case of the “long haul”, so new users that are reading this, I would encourage you to push on. Make a dedicated decision and then stick to it. Hive is by far the most decentralized opportunity that currently holds value and shows promise of increased value.

Final Thoughts

It can sometimes feel like an extremely difficult road that could take years to mature into what many envision but it is equally enjoyable and sometimes very rewarding. Hive is a journey and incorporates the aspect of compounding. Powering up over the years sees your account grow in value and influence. There are no shortcuts to influence, which is one of the aspects of Hive that I respect and appreciate.

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