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A Place To Build

Hive is currently one of the best, if not the best places to publish content and engage with like-minded individuals. Content creators often find it difficult to gain traction outside of community-based platforms, which is why platforms such as Publish0x and Hive see such significant numbers in terms of traffic and engagement. What separates Hive from the majority though is the fact that your work is actually being recorded on the Hive blockchain. Only you can access your account via your personal keys, which ensures that you alone have custody of your content. This is very important in my book, as it grants your content longevity and security. This creates further confidence and encourages creators to begin and continue building on Hive.

The 2021 Milestone

Reaching a billion-dollar market cap in 2021 was a very significant milestone, perhaps more important than many realize. At this point, HIVE was trading above $3, which surprised even some of the Hive OGs. Wait until Web 3 is more established and we are in the heart of the next bull run. I think that Hive will be one of those projects displaying growth, price appreciation, and increased adoption. A project that reaches important milestones matched with organic growth usually goes on to display tremendous price appreciation.

The inherent Web 3 structure and tokenomics create a good case as to why Hive is destined to be king of the curb in this particular niche. Many platforms will limit earnings via the use of algorithms and “caps”, whereas in the world of Hive you are only limited by your own ability to impress. Entrepreneurs embark on a journey of independence for one very good reason, they are frustrated. They know that they are being held back by the ceiling of their current job.

The Side Hustle Is The Same

This is true even in the case of someone who chooses to blog as a side hustle. They don’t want to be restricted on a journey they are embarking on outside of their employment. This is meant to be an extension of growth. Not something that will once again be limited like their paycheck. Remove the ceiling from a dedicated and motivated individual and see what happens. This is exactly why there are so many “machine writers” on Hive. They have tasted the crisp air of freedom, the freedom to create as they will and without limit. Compound that with the ability to earn and you have an extremely powerful dynamic. It’s there, even if only realized by a few at this stage.

Final Thoughts

The entire structure of Hive is extremely compelling. I don’t know how anyone could pass up on the opportunity of becoming part of this community. There are those who battle with the initial concept of Hive but I would encourage them to push on. Spend time learning about Hive, it’s well worth your effort. Nothing in life that has meaningful value comes easy.

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