Crypto Income Models Are Key

The Clarity A Bear Market Provides

Bull markets conceal weakness and often create a false sense of security. Valuations are soaring and the “money is coming in” if you are taking profits that is. Somehow the reality of the next bear market is removed by the dominance of the present bull market. The same dynamic works in reverse, the reality, and dominance of a bear market doesn’t allow the hope of the next bull market. Bear markets will leave you wishing that you had taken profits and rebalanced your portfolio. What is important to note is that despite human sentiment, the market somehow manages to shift. Something else becomes rather clear in a bear market and that is how beneficial passive income becomes. Those who dedicated time and attention to creating passive income models, as well as residual models now have an advantage.

Accumulation Without Risk

Passive income is the result of previous effort and design. It, therefore, has little to no demand upon your time and other resources. There is therefore now no real associated risk, as your present time and resources are not affected. This is highly beneficial in a bear market. Many have no fresh capital to deploy and would most likely not want to allocate additional capital. Investing, especially within the Crypto market requires an “indifferent” approach to natural human inclinations. The consistency of human behavior throughout these Bitcoin cycles is something to behold. Having daily income at your disposal throughout a prolonged bear market is extremely powerful. Hindsight will reveal how you managed to pick up bargains at rock-bottom prices with capital that was freely at your disposal. It actually can’t get any better than that! Even a few dollars a day can go a long way when you are able to accumulate for months and years at heavily discounted prices.

It Should Be Your Goal

It really is possible to design and build your own little economy. This is what I have been writing about for years. It’s so important and equally powerful that I cannot imagine a Crypto strategy void of this idea. I know there are many who have embraced this mindset and are experiencing some level of satisfaction in the midst of a trying time. Go beyond price appreciation and speculation and begin building what will continue to reward. Yes, in some instances the value of your income may drop but in others, it can also increase in a bear market.

Build more than you require and continue to reinvest. This includes creating new models and mechanisms. I get excited when I think about the current discounts and future potential. This is not the first time that I have experienced this “process”. It’s not merely wishful thinking but rather something I have experienced and been rewarded by!

Final Thoughts

As mentioned in a recent post, there is always an opportunity, even in and due to calamity! Resist the herd mentality and settle it within yourself that you are going to make this bear market count! Be encouraged, this is a time of unparalleled opportunity, not a time of mourning!

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