Daily Habits To Gain Free Crypto

A Silver Lining

There is always an upside to every downside and a hidden opportunity in every calamity. For those not wanting to part with their hard-earned money, there are ways to accumulate free Crypto on a daily basis. Many of these rewards are now much higher in terms of coin allocation due to the decline in valuation across the entire Crypto market. This enables users to earn more Crypto during this bearish season. Crypto, they can later offload at much higher prices. While some walk away licking their wounds, others embrace the opportunity and endeavor to stack as much Crypto as they can during this season. That’s how you have to think if you want to reduce risk and make progress.

Retire Legacy Services

Many Crypto and blockchain-based alternatives to everyday services incorporate Crypto rewards. I have mentioned many of these before but now they are even more attractive. Take Presearch for example, a decentralized web browser. Simply retire Google.com and make Presearch your search engine of choice. This will earn you 0.09 PRE per search at the time of writing. This reward has increased significantly since prices crashed and definitely offers users a more viable experience. Paid searches are limited to 30 per 24-hour period. This enables users to earn a maximum of 2.7 PRE every 24-hour period. When you consider the all-time high price, that’s $2.20 per day just for using the browser and conducting searches as you would normally do.

The valuation of PRE tokens could skyrocket a lot higher than this in the next bull market. Presearch actually performed rather well during the bull run of 2021 and I would expect it to perform relatively well again in the next. Decentr is also a web browser that rewards users in multiple ways with the DEC native token. There are multiple privacy settings that users can select according to their own personal preferences.

Social Media & Crypto Content Related Platforms

Instead of spending all your time on FB and Twitter, why not incorporate platforms such as Noise.cash? Earn BCH for posting and commenting. Reasonable daily earnings here would be in the arena of a dollar or so. Remember, you are earning zero posting on FB! You can always invite a handful of friends over with you and begin interacting in a way that will be more beneficial. Everyone is anxiously awaiting Leofinance’s version of Twitter/Noise.cash. Project Blank is in the pipeline and will most definitely be my platform of choice once it goes live.

Those more accustomed to creating content and blogging can get active on the Hive blockchain and begin earning HIVE, HBD, and LEO, to mention a few. Community members don’t even need to publish content! You can also earn tokens by simply commenting and interacting on the platform. I personally believe that HIVE in particular is going to perform exceptionally well leading into 2025. It might be a biased view but I have my conviction and I am sticking to it. Publish0x has also recently reincorporated ETH as a tipping token, which is absolutely brilliant news. What an amazing time to earn ETH!

Micro Earners

There are many other apps and platforms that one can download and use during unproductive moments. Many of these are dollar-based, meaning that you earn more BTC satoshis while prices are low. Cointiply is one such option, as well as Freebitco.in. You will immediately notice that the satoshi value will increase in the case of dollar-based opportunities. Bitcoinker is actually a very high-paying faucet that generally pays out 4 to 7 satoshis every 5 minutes. Satoshi Monster is another good one! There are just so many ways to slowly grow your Crypto holdings over time without any financial expense. If you haven’t taken note of the “incentivization” of Crypto then you are missing a very significant part of what Crypto is busy adjusting in the current economic model.

In essence, it’s the development of a new economic construct. Not many are able to envision this at this stage of the game but that is what is slowly unfolding. Leverage what you can and fully utilize what is currently available.

Final Thoughts

Many of these Crypto assets will eventually be worth a lot more than they are now. Don’t look at the dollar value but rather focus on the fact that you are slowly accumulating tokens and coins that will appreciate over time, provided they are connected to quality projects.

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