Solana & Avalanche – Powerplays For 2025

The Ongoing Battle

I am sure that many will agree that ETH will continue to dominate the layer 1 space, especially with the shift to POS. Many are excluded from utilizing ETH-based projects due to exorbitant gas fees. The shift to proof-of-stake is expected to reduce gas fees considerably and subsequently increase the userbase. However, despite what the maxis would have you believe, we are not living in a single chain world. I expect there will be a handful of really valuable layer 1 chains a couple of years from now. I am betting on two that are already ranked within the Top 20! That’s right, Solana and Avalanche.

Reduced Exposure To ETH

I recently rebalanced my portfolio and reduced my exposure to ETH considerably. This is obviously to reduce risk through diversification, not that there is too much risk in ETH compared to other alts. The main reason though is that I have had a good run on ETH and even if it performs really well it’s not going to be amazing in relation to ROI. I have enjoyed an almost 50X return on ETH and it would be foolish not to be on the lookout for other up-and-coming projects. Some may argue that Solana and Avalanche are already positioned quite high and they are. However, their market cap valuations are dwarfed by ETH. In an expanding and growing market, I believe that there is still room for significant growth.

Identify & Allocate

Diversification is great but I still believe that you should hold a handful of coins that have a heavier allocation relative to the majority of the holdings in your portfolio. That percentage will vary from person to person and is in essence a reflection of what you believe will perform the best over time. Percentage weightings obviously drop in a bear market, as stablecoin weightings increase. Making a predetermined target of how many coins you actually want to accumulate by a certain time really helps a lot. This way you can plan and structure your allocations per week or month, or any other schedule you are happy with.

The Journey Of Accumulation

This for me is extremely rewarding! I love having a goal to work towards and as you begin to see your stack increasing, it becomes even more rewarding. My accumulation of SOL and AVAX is somewhat biased towards Solana. I believe that SOL will be right up there close to ETH eventually. AVAX in many ways is my backup. My allocation ratio here is 70% Solana and 30% Avalanche. It’s not an exact ratio, but it is approximately how it is unfolding. This might be adjusted in reaction to developments or setbacks. Nobody knows the future and it is best to remain as pliable as possible.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to stability, layer 1s are much safer options. SocialFi, DeFi, and other sectors are way more susceptible to heavy losses in a market correction. Investors want exposure to Crypto but they also inherently desire as much “safety” as possible. I think top-tier layer 1 projects with staking benefits will continue to attract investors.

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