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Beneficial To Both Great & Small

Whether you have thousands of subscribers, or merely a handful, enables users to earn healthy amounts of BCH daily. Provided you are not trying to spam your way up the ladder and are providing interesting posts, you will inevitably begin to see how rewarding can be. Noise is actually the sister site to, which is very much rather aimed at bloggers, writers and content creators. Although there are many content creators on Noise, there are also photographers and other folk simply sharing their thoughts and opinions as they would on Twitter. In other words, anyone can actually earn BCH via Noise and it is not exclusive to content creators only. Of course you will always have notorious spammers pop up every so often but Noise does enable you to block or ignore users, which sorts this issue out nicely. It is however a daily cleanse but such is life.

Many strategically utilize in order to stack up some decent bags of BCH. Even if you are not that into BCH, you can always convert your earnings into your coin of choice once you have withdrawn your earnings.

For those simply wanting to earn a little extra BCH, you will definitely be earning way more than any Top BCH faucet can offer. This is true, even if you are only engaging on the posts of others and not creating your own content. On the other hand, if you already provide content on other Crypto empowered platforms, is definitely worth considering.

Automated Payments

The one thing that I really enjoy about Noise is that you can get paid whenever you choose. Since payments are being done using BCH, fees are incredibly low and therefore are not restricted by limits. Users get to set their own withdrawal limits, starting at a few cents all the way up to $10. For simplicity’s sake, I keep mine set at $10 so that I don’t have clusters of micro transactions. At the end of the day, you get to set it at whatever works for you.

Once your desired threshold is met, the BCH is automatically paid into your wallet address, which you get to select and input in the “wallet” section. This is very important to do before you start engaging on the platform. All very neat and tidy, the platform works extremely well and is a valuable addition to any blockchain social media enthusiast. Share your articles, or publish short bursts of Crypto content. You can even share your photography and monetize what you would normally do on Twitter and receive nothing in return for.

It is definitely great to see those contributing to the platform actually benefitting from the platform, unlike the dominant giants that merely cash in on their users. obviously has an edge that benefits their vision, however, it is at least beneficial for the users as well and not merely a one sided affair. I tend to share my articles on Noise, as well as market related data and trading ideas. I also share images of photography and locations I enjoy.


As mentioned earlier, it does not matter who you are, is a great blockchain social media tool for everyone! It is also great to have a place where you can share an idea, or bounce things off others without needing to write an actual article. Sometimes this is all that is needed and provides a great environment. Since there is no actual investment needed, I would definitely recommend that readers check out!

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