Hive – The Best Place To Spend Your Bear Market

It’s Not Looking Good

The market continues to show signs of fear, uncertainty, and doubt and to some extent, it is to be expected. Yes, in time, recent events will be yet another victory for Crypto. However, it is a process and not one that will unfold overnight. The Terra fiasco was just the final blow to confirm where we would be heading next. What is important is for the community to remain positive and engaged. This is where Hive comes in and provides the stage for the community to engage, encourage, and discuss what’s happening in the Crypto world. There are just so many benefits to being a part of this community, especially now!

Maintaining Focus & Commitment

It’s actually amazing how every time the market heads into a new winter the majority jump ship. What this actually reveals is a lack of conviction, dedication, and stubborn persistence. One can’t actually argue that it is foolish to remain committed because every single bear market has been followed by a significantly higher bull market. Those who have persisted have always been rewarded. Hive helps to make a difficult discipline more attractive. Earning HIVE and Hive-based tokens while you continue to push forward is another motivation that perhaps many still underestimate.

One of the most important dynamics of Crypto is accumulation and this is something that is always best executed in a bear market or correction. Perhaps I am different but I become even more bullish during bearish times.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Perhaps this is because I understand and have experienced the powerful dynamic of “stacking” when the price is being dragged along the floor. However, this is only powerful if you have the capital to deploy. Exhausting your capital too early is a lot worse than a little too late. That’s a mathematical certainty. Hive provides the opportunity of being able to earn the native token of an up-and-coming Web3 project, as well as a stablecoin in the form of HBD. This can all be achieved without any financial risk, as anything freely earned cannot incur a loss. I decided early on that I would maintain my earned HBD as I find increasing my stablecoin allocation alongside my portfolio very important. Hive not only provides a Crypto income source but also a hedge for those who maintain their 50/50 earning ratio.

Those with not much capital could actually find this to be an amazing opportunity as they are given the opportunity to grow their portfolio and have a “built-in hedge” thrown into the deal. The recent price action in the altcoin market has left those without stablecoins wishing they had allocated at least 10% when they had the chance. Hive offers an opportunity to begin working on this idea and even if not this time around, will at some point provide much-needed support. I will actually be rebalancing my portfolio over the weekend or at least documenting the changes I have made over the past month. I am interested to see where my stablecoin allocation will be. It will definitely be over 25% and that includes a small allocation in HBD. An allocation I am only looking to increase.

Insights & Information

Not only are members of the community able to interact and earn but Hive is also a great resource for information, news, data, and opinions related to the Crypto world. Leofinance is a great wealth of information and data, with a number of authors who consistently produce high-quality content. Those who push through this time and find creative ways to accumulate Crypto along the way are the ones setting themselves up for the next bull market. Once you embrace this mindset it actually becomes difficult to leave the bear zone because you are wanting to accumulate as much as you possibly can. This is the time to get active on Hive, especially if you haven’t been doing so already. Many of us arrive daily and will continue to do so regardless of what the market does.

Final Thoughts

Spending your bear market on Hive is something that will most definitely reward you at a later stage and even in the present. It’s a great place to be and I hope to see more growth in the ecosystem and community, regardless of market conditions.

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