What If Satoshi Has Been Working On A New Masterpiece

Satoshi Didn’t Just Leave

The enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto left the public world with the following statement, “I’ve moved on to other things”, indicating that he was going to continue working. Satoshi did not simply disappear but rather disappeared from the world of Bitcoin. It’s as if he had numerous ideas and projects that he was desperate to get to. Once Bitcoin was operational and he had Gavin and the community to rely on, he seized the opportunity to leave. Though that was the last public message from Satoshi, he remained in brief contact with Gavin for some time afterward.

A Sense Of Urgency

When you examine Satoshi’s tone he was almost desperate to get Bitcoin into the hands of Gavin Andresen. For whatever reason, there is a clear sense of urgency that comes through in Satoshi’s communications. Many believe that Hal was Satoshi, which would explain the urgency, as his health was deteriorating. He would have had to ensure that Bitcoin was no longer in his hands. However, that doesn’t really fit in with what Satoshi actually said about moving on to other things. Perhaps once Bitcoin was fully functional Satoshi realized potential issues arising and set about to design a new solution or improve upon the existing Bitcoin model.

Not only is the price action of Bitcoin very speculative but also its very inception, as well as its comprehensive goal and purpose. Satoshi mentioned a few key features or benefits of Bitcoin but it has since evolved and taken on alternative benefits and purposes.

What About Hal’s Wife?

If I were to leave this earth and I knew the timeframe of that event, I would make provision for my wife. How is it that a man expected to own that amount of wealth would not entrust the private keys to his wife and family? After all, a man’s work on earth is in essence to provide security for his family. At the time of Hal’s passing, the infamous Satoshi wallet was worth hundreds of millions of dollars. So, the idea that the coins were still rather worthless at the time, doesn’t really apply. I have always thought that Hal was most likely Satoshi but in light of what I have just mentioned, perhaps not.

Moving On To Other Things

Is it possible that Bitcoin was intended as an introductory invention? I mean, who moves on so quickly after inventing one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs the world has ever seen? You have to admit that it is rather strange. Satoshi could have maintained anonymity and continued working with Gavin. However, he chose not to and opted for a sudden disappearance. This urgency becomes even more evident as you begin to consider all these rather odd occurrences.

Satoshi Returns

If Satoshi is still alive and working on “other things”, there is the chance that he will return somehow to unveil his work to the world once again. It has been said that Satoshi was approximately in his mid-forties when he released Bitcoin to the world. This estimation was deduced by analyzing his writings and other tell signs. If this is indeed the case, then expecting Satoshi to unveil yet another masterpiece is really not that far-fetched.


This is obviously all speculation and simply me trying to have yet another take on Satoshi, his identity, and his mission. I will say that if Satoshi is still alive, he has managed to master the art of serious self-control. Imagine sitting on all of that BTC and not touching it! Who knows, perhaps addresses that are suddenly activated from the Satoshi era are indeed Satoshi. He advocated using multiple addresses for privacy, so I somehow think that he too would do likewise

Thanks for joining me on this more light-hearted edition. See you soon!

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