Don’t Fall For The Trap!

Your First Time?

If this is your first Crypto bear market then you might be considering throwing in the towel. After all, alts are still down significantly, regardless of the recent pump to the upside. Not only that but regulatory concerns are on the rise. The SEC has also gone as far as to suggest that most altcoins are operating as securities and are not registered as such. Stablecoins are another concern from a regulatory standpoint, as are the numerous liquidations and insolvent Crypto companies. It all sounds like an absolute nightmare and yet this has always been the case. Regulation has been an ongoing concern and is definitely nothing new. We also witnessed numerous exchanges and Crypto companies go bust in the previous bear market and yet the FUD somehow seems to prevail.

Keep Your Head In The Game

This happens every single cycle! Slumping prices compounded by negative report after negative report manage to convince new investors to hit the road. Making money in this market only happens once you get your head screwed on straight. You need conviction and determination if you are going to experience any meaningful success in this space. The typical “fly by nights” are quickly washed out by the cleansing purge of a significant correction and recalibration. Quality projects become even more obvious in a bear market. In many ways, parabolic euphoria masks all projects as equal and this is definitely not the case.

Learn From This Time

This correction is full of lessons and advice to the investor who is paying attention. Allow this bear market to reveal quality projects, as well as expose the garbage that has been masquerading around as “investment grade”. Bear markets have a way of removing the dead weight and enabling the market to rally in the next bullish phase. Obviously, a lot of garbage continues to enter the market, especially in the heart of bullish phases. Euphoria and FOMO often blind investors, ultimately deceiving them into foolish decisions. Bear markets are great in so many ways and offer even greater value to astute investors.

Big guns like Goldman Sachs would not be looking to purchase Celcius unless they perceived that it would be a viable long-term move. That’s how they operate! Someone else does all the hard work and then they swoop in with tremendous financial ammo in a moment of weakness. If Crypto was over as some are trying to suggest, Goldman Sachs would be the first to say so.

Final Thoughts

No matter how bullish the future may be, bear markets are a given. You have to learn to work with them and even better yet, benefit from them. The quiet season has begun! How are you going to leverage it to your advantage?

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